The EU Referendum

This is a post I’ve had on my mind for the last two years but I’ve been fearful about posting my political viewpoints. Thanks to the support of some wonderful friends (shout out to the Inner Circle!) I have finally plucked up the courage to start writing about the things I want to write about. I won’t pretend to be the most knowledgeable, I am merely sharing my own interpretation of events. Brexit. A word that I’ve hated since the… Continue Reading “The EU Referendum”

The Importance of Outdoor Play

I have a bit of a confession. As much as I know it’s good for him, I’m not always that great at getting Cheeky Chap to spend time outside. With the arrival of winter, I have been quite poorly. My pain has flared up and I had an almost flu-like virus for a few weeks. It’s been a struggle to get outside. One of Cheeky Chap’s favourite things to do, aside from being on the PlayStation or iPad, is to… Continue Reading “The Importance of Outdoor Play”

Bedtime Battles at 8 Years Old

We’ve been lucky. Cheeky Chap has always been a pretty easy child for the most part. He’s generally a happy, chilled and polite child. Oh sure, we’ve had our challenges but I’m sure they’ve always been short-lived. We have never really had any bedtime battles since he was a toddler. Even through the so-called Terrible Twos, Troublesome Threes, Fearsome Fours and mine and the husband’s separation I don’t think we did too badly. The eight-year-old though…? He’s a whole different… Continue Reading “Bedtime Battles at 8 Years Old”

Things You Should Know About Fibromyalgia

The below is a guest post from my friend Sarah, a fellow fibromyalgia sufferer. Fibromyalgia, it is an illness that seems to bring to mind, to those who know nothing about it, people faking, people being lazy, people having you on. However, what you should know and try and understand is it’s a very real illness. Those of us who suffer our day to day lives are marred with pain and the inability to think straight at times. Alongside fatigue… Continue Reading “Things You Should Know About Fibromyalgia”

Getting Finances On Track

Us Brits find money a tricky topic to talk about and no matter how much money we have coming in, for a lot of us it never seems to be enough. My husband works full time as a chef. He works a lot of hours, sometimes as much as sixty in a week and brings home a fairly decent amount of money. I am self-employed with an income that can vary massively month to month. Neither of us are particularly… Continue Reading “Getting Finances On Track”