Soft Play Hell

Yesterday we attended a birthday party at our local soft play. It is safe to say it was utter chaos. When we arrived (five minutes early) they were still checking in people who were attending the party that should have started 30 minutes previously. There was a large huddle of children and adults trying to get through, with regular customers still being processed in at the same time. We finally got in, 10 minutes late and weaved our way through… Continue Reading “Soft Play Hell”

Project 52 & My Sunday Photo

After falling behind once again with Project 365, I have decided to simplify and choose one photo a week to share instead and take part in Project 52 and My Sunday Photo. I hope to catch up with Project 365 eventually but I am not sure that I actually managed to take a picture every day! I have taken on a lot of things in my personal life taking up time and something has to give. On Saturday much or… Continue Reading “Project 52 & My Sunday Photo”

My Sunday Photo – Father Christmas

This week we took Cheeky Chap to see Father Christmas. We weren’t too sure how he would be. We knew that it would only be a short visit and it can often take him a while to come out of his shell. We needn’t have worried; he absolutely adored his visit. His face was a picture of delight as we strolled through the magical castle. He felt special that Father Christmas knew his name, so much so that he didn’t… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Father Christmas”

My Sunday Photo – Web

Yesterday afternoon was a crisp, wintery afternoon. It wasn’t quite as cold as it has been and it wasn’t raining so we decided to make the most of it and took Cheeky Chap to Blaise Castle. With 650 acres to explore, plus a museum and a castle, there are lots of different walks you can take on the estate but of course, with a child in tow, we tend to stick to the two children’s playgrounds, which also happen to… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Web”

My Sunday Photo – Flowers

I love to have fresh flowers in the flat. They brighten the place up and add a lovely scent at the same time. I am not very good at arranging them though. I find that these days, supermarket flowers can be fairly good quality and last a while so there is no need for a great expense. My own favourites are lilies, particularly these pink ones. They remind me of my mum and of my wedding day, or rather, my… Continue Reading “My Sunday Photo – Flowers”