Cheeky Chap Bedroom Inspiration

For quite some time now I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas to redecorate Cheeky Chap’s bedroom. It’s not in desperate need or anything but it’s just a little dark for the size of it. I want to brighten it up a bit more and create more storage. I imagine this bright colourful space that he will love to play in. The first thing we would need to do is paint it white. The walls are currently a dark blue which… Continue Reading “Cheeky Chap Bedroom Inspiration”

Personalisation with Zazzle

While the husband finishes up our bathroom and I scour Pinterest and DIY sites for inspiration for our kitchen, I have also been seeking out a few finishing touches for Cheeky Chap’s bedroom and the lounge. At school, Cheeky Chap has recently begun talking about time and he has asked a lot of questions about telling the time. I have found it quite tricky to help him to understand the concept of, for example, five minutes past the hour meaning… Continue Reading “Personalisation with Zazzle”

Kitchen Update Plans

The husband is currently redecorating our bathroom but has hit a brick wall. Literally. None of the walls in our flat are great. They aren’t in particularly great condition and the floors aren’t level, meaning they all have a slight angle which makes tiling or wallpapering difficult enough. There is one a small wall in our bathroom which, with a board of MDF boxes in the stopcock and is more difficult than most. It not only slants slightly due to the uneven… Continue Reading “Kitchen Update Plans”

Decorating Inspiration

We have lived in our flat for a little over two years now. When we moved in we had a blank canvas, all of the walls had been whitewashed. We immediately set to work on decorating in order to try and make it feel like home although we didn’t take much time to plan our ideas out. Having spent the previous nine months living in temporary accommodation in a hostel, we were keen to decorate Cheeky Chap’s bedroom first in order… Continue Reading “Decorating Inspiration”