Cheeky Chap Turns Five

On Sunday┬áCheeky Chap┬áturned five-years-old. Without wishing to sound cheesy, I honestly don’t know where the time has gone. Like most parents I can remember the day he was born as though it was yesterday. The finer details are starting to get sketchy of course and I’m not sure whether it’s just my shocking memory or whether the passage of time does that anyway, perhaps it is a bit of both. This year has seen Cheeky Chap’s speech come on in… Continue Reading “Cheeky Chap Turns Five”

Speech Therapy – Loud ‘n’ Proud

Around this time last year, Cheeky Chap’s nursery teacher noted that he may need speech therapy and referred him for an assessment. By the time the summer holidays came around, we still hadn’t received an assessment and so decided to have a private assessment, more for peace of mind than anything else. He wasn’t noted as delayed but rather disordered, in effect picking up poor habits which required correcting. The autumn term at school came and it was only towards… Continue Reading “Speech Therapy – Loud ‘n’ Proud”

Parents Evening

It’s that time of year again that fills every parent with anxiety. No matter how confident one is about their child’s ability and behaviour, there is always that little voice that whispers to you “What if the teacher tells you he misbehaves? What if you find out that he is further behind his peers?”. At least that is what happened to me in the run up to our first parents evening and it happened again last week. We know that… Continue Reading “Parents Evening”

Reading with kids

Reading is one of life’s simple pleasures. As a child and teenager I could often be found curled up on the corner of the sofa or laying on my bed reading a book. This continued sporadically through my early twenties, when I wasn’t working or partying and tapered off once I had Cheeky Chap. Thanks to modern technology, my reading has now picked up and I read more than ever as I have quick access to hundreds of thousands of… Continue Reading “Reading with kids”

Too much, too young?

Cheeky Chap is 4.5 years old, turning 5 in May. He started Reception in September and although he took some time to expand his group of friends, he has settled in and enjoys school. His confidence has grown, his speech has become clearer (although there are still some areas that need working on) and he is keen to learn. That said, the pressure seems to be on now. At the start of the new term in January, the school introduced… Continue Reading “Too much, too young?”