The EU Referendum

This is a post I’ve had on my mind for the last two years but I’ve been fearful about posting my political viewpoints. Thanks to the support of some wonderful friends (shout out to the Inner Circle!) I have finally plucked up the courage to start writing about the things I want to write about. I won’t pretend to be the most knowledgeable, I am merely sharing my own interpretation of events. Brexit. A word that I’ve hated since the… Continue Reading “The EU Referendum”

The Election Fall Out

The votes are in and as they say on talent shows, have been counted and verified (sometimes twice). There is nothing more we can do except accept the result. I am, of course, talking about the result of the general election held on May 7. Shortly after 10 pm, social media, Twitter in particular, went into meltdown when it was revealed that the exit polls put the Conservative party as the one with the most MPs. Every single opinion poll… Continue Reading “The Election Fall Out”

Vote Swapping and Why I Am Considering It

A common school of thought around election time is that of “There is no point in voting because my vote doesn’t count”; people feel that their voice isn’t heard, particularly if they live in a “safe seat” or an area where the battle for power is between two candidates, neither of whom particularly appeal. Tactical voting has been around for years. You know the idea; don’t necessarily vote for the party whose policies most closely relate to your views or… Continue Reading “Vote Swapping and Why I Am Considering It”

Political Debate and Social Media

According to a well-known saying, there are some things you shouldn’t talk about at dinner parties. Namely, politics and religion, two topics which have the potential to massively divide people. I would argue the same could be said for social media. With three weeks to go until the general election, manifestoes are being launched and people are trying to decide who to vote for, if they haven’t already. In recent years we have witnessed an explosion in social media terms;… Continue Reading “Political Debate and Social Media”