More Children Homeless at Christmas #SlippersForShelter

I spend a lot of time reflecting on how lucky I am. Yes, I would like a bigger house, my own garden, more money, to have holidays, to be in less pain and more mobile, I think it’s part of the human condition to want more. Not in a desperate manner of course, more of “Maybe one day we will have a bigger house with our own garden” and no one really wants to be in pain all day, every… Continue Reading “More Children Homeless at Christmas #SlippersForShelter”

Homeless at Christmas

November has arrived and for many, the countdown to Christmas begins.┬áThe John Lewis ad has aired on TV (and I am sure the Coca-Cola truck ad will no doubt follow soon, probably this weekend during X-Factor), supermarkets have several aisles full of things from Christmas themed food to decorations, both for inside and outside the home and the discussions over who you will spend Christmas with have started. If you are more organised than me, you will have started your… Continue Reading “Homeless at Christmas”