Cheeky Chap Bedroom Inspiration

For quite some time now I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas to redecorate Cheeky Chap’s bedroom. It’s not in desperate need or anything but it’s just a little dark for the size of it. I want to brighten it up a bit more and create more storage. I imagine this bright colourful space that he will love to play in. The first thing we would need to do is paint it white. The walls are currently a dark blue which… Continue Reading “Cheeky Chap Bedroom Inspiration”

Personalisation with Zazzle

While the husband finishes up our bathroom and I scour Pinterest and DIY sites for inspiration for our kitchen, I have also been seeking out a few finishing touches for Cheeky Chap’s bedroom and the lounge. At school, Cheeky Chap has recently begun talking about time and he has asked a lot of questions about telling the time. I have found it quite tricky to help him to understand the concept of, for example, five minutes past the hour meaning… Continue Reading “Personalisation with Zazzle”