5 Reasons you should definitely visit the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is the UK’s area of stunning natural beauty. People from all over the world come to The Cotswolds to experience the picturesque landscapes and perfect green villages. Natural beauty is the main attraction of The Cotswolds, yet this place in UK has more to offer.

It’s almost half a century that the Cotswolds was revered as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This is almost like a pretty pocket of the rural England which is not explored by many who visit this place. From sweeping meadows to rolling hills to calm villages and stately homes, Cotswolds has got enough to keep its visitors coming back. Here are few reasons to keep visiting Cotswolds.

#1: Its beauty is endless

Harriet O’Brien has said in his writings that the honey-coloured glorious villages and towns of the Cotswolds seems like they have come into the 21st Century from some other era. The strikingly beautiful wool churches and the manor houses that you see here were all built by rich textile merchants.

#2: There’s enough of it for you

The entire area covers around 800 square miles through 5 different counties, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire. The rolling hills or the ‘wolds’ seems to be the biggest among the 38 areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty of England and Wales.

#3: Literary connections galore

Written by Laurie Lee, the classic Cider and Rosie is a lyrical portrait of the Cotswolds. Lee captured the taste of this special corner of England and soon made it his own. The entire story of this classic was based in Cotswolds and this is why the place boasts of its literary connections.

#4: Gateway to some of the finest cities

The Cotswolds are surrounded by some of the most cultured cities of the country. To the west lies Cheltenham, which loves all sorts of festivals. To the north is Elgar’s Worcester. The University of Oxford is to the west and to the due south lays the Bath and Cirencester. You can visit all these cultural hubs once you visit Cotswolds. You may opt for mini bus hire to move from one place to another.

#5: The villages look stunning

There are many pretty villages in the Cotswolds and although each of them has its own flavour, most of them share a similarity with the Cotswold stone from which they’re cut. Bourton-on-Water, Burford and Chedworth are few of the prettiest villages in the area and their architecture is something that is admirable. Commuting from the best villages of the Cotswolds to the cities which lay on all sides of the area is easy. Just as you can opt for minibus hire London services, here too you get various means of transportation to move from one place to another.

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