A New Desk Set Up

While working from home has it’s benefits, there are often some drawbacks as well. One of the biggest ones for me is that I don’t have an office space and often find myself writing from my lap. This means I can be easily distracted, because Cheeky Chap or the husband will have the TV on or I may even put it on myself. Without a set area to work from, the blog has once again become neglected. But not anymore.… Continue Reading “A New Desk Set Up”

Medical Negligence – When Things Go Wrong

Have you ever worried about your medical care going wrong? In the UK we are incredibly lucky to have the NHS at our disposal, for now at least and have among us some of the world’s leading medical practitioners. My own neurosurgeon is considered one of the best in his field. However, despite this, things can and do occasionally go wrong. After all, even the brightest people are still human and make mistakes. Whilst I have been fortunate enough to… Continue Reading “Medical Negligence – When Things Go Wrong”

Pharmacy2U – A Convenient Prescription Delivery Service

As someone with several chronic pain-related health conditions as well as hay fever for six months of the year, I have numerous prescriptions. Like many people, I lead a busy life running a home, a blog and a part-time job, as well as managing my health conditions. Although organised in work, at home I am notoriously forgetful. I often find I have less than a days worth of medication left before I order them. I end up having to go… Continue Reading “Pharmacy2U – A Convenient Prescription Delivery Service”

The Best Summer Shoes Offers

I have a bit of a confession. I am totally not into fashion. I loathe clothes shopping with a passion. Part of this definitely comes from being short and petite with a decent (but not huge) chest. I find it difficult to find things that suit me, are affordable and I am rubbish at making decisions. I have similar issues with footwear. With fairly wide size five feet and being unable to walk in high heels due to my back… Continue Reading “The Best Summer Shoes Offers”

Considering Artificial Grass for the Garden

Just a week before Christmas we moved home. We were transferred from a first floor flat in a block to a ground floor flat. Whilst our previous home a shared garden our new home has it’s own garden. After several summers of refereeing squabbling children (and occasionally adults too), the thought of having our own garden sounded wonderful. One thing we didn’t think about was the fact that now we had our own garden, we would be responsible for maintenance,… Continue Reading “Considering Artificial Grass for the Garden”