Being There For The Ones Closest To You

It’s important to remember that it’s not just you that’s going to go through a difficult time at some point. Your family and friends around you will all have their own unique struggles to have to deal with, and we want to try and show you the importance of being there for them no matter what. Sometimes they’ll need you more than you will ever need them, and each person that you’re close to will have their own unique story to… Continue Reading “Being There For The Ones Closest To You”

First Cubs Camp

In April of 2017, while Cheeky Chap was still in Beavers, the section leader announced that in the summer of 2018 they would be going on PGL camp for the first time in five years. She said that Beavers who were going to be moved up by August 2018 were also welcome to go, meaning that despite not being due to move up to Cubs for over a year, Cheeky Chap was eligible to go. However, there were only 50… Continue Reading “First Cubs Camp”

A Majorca Wish List

It is coming up to two years since our last holiday. We’ve had a few weekend breaks in Hope Cove but it’s two years since our first (and last!) holiday abroad. The husband is keen for us to try and get on “a proper holiday” next summer. I have seen so many people go to Majorca and have a wonderful time that we are considering booking to go there next year. During our last holiday to Portugal we only went… Continue Reading “A Majorca Wish List”

Time to Upgrade the Games Console?

For Christmas a couple of years ago, Cheeky Chap got his first games console, a second hand PlayStation 3. He was only 6 years old at the time and didn’t feel we could justify a PlayStation 4. They aren’t exactly cheap and we weren’t sure whether he would actually play with a games console. He always seemed happy enough with the iPad and watching TV in all of it’s various forms. So we decided a second-hand PlayStation 3 would be… Continue Reading “Time to Upgrade the Games Console?”

Trying Contact Lenses for the First Time

In the last year, the husband has returned to work as a chef following a number of years away from that industry. Since he last worked as a chef, his sight has deteriorate and he now needs to wear glasses. Professional kitchens are very hot places to work in, with temperatures reaching up to 55c in recent weeks during the heatwave. I have lost count of the number of times that he has complained about his glasses slipping down his… Continue Reading “Trying Contact Lenses for the First Time”