Trying Contact Lenses for the First Time

In the last year, the husband has returned to work as a chef following a number of years away from that industry. Since he last worked as a chef, his sight has deteriorate and he now needs to wear glasses. Professional kitchens are very hot places to work in, with temperatures reaching up to 55c in recent weeks during the heatwave. I have lost count of the number of times that he has complained about his glasses slipping down his nose or steaming up. I have also lost count of the number of times I have suggested he get his eyes tested again and give contact lenses a try. As is typical of my husband, he never quite got round to looking into contact lenses for himself. However, when Vision Direct got in touch and offered us a trial of contact lenses, the husband finally made a trip to the opticians and requested a prescription. Well, actually he requested two, did you know that contact lenses prescriptions can be different to glasses? I didn’t! Armed with his prescription, we ordered some Biofinity Multifocal lenses. You could of course order daily lenses like Focus Dailies All Day Comfort lenses if you don’t require a multifocal prescription. Although it isn’t impossible to get multifocal lenses as daily lenses, you should first seek some advice from your optician.

How has he got on?

A month into wearing contact lenses, how has the husband found them? Well, initially he really struggled to even get the contact lenses in. Then he spoke to his optician who said that he’s pretty much blind in his right eye and so to ditch that. He still sometimes struggles but is getting better at putting it in. He finds it far better to use at work instead of his glasses. That said, with the kitchen reaching up to 55c in recent weeks, he has occasionally found them uncomfortable to wear and I did have to take his glasses to him one day. From conversations with other contact lens wearers, it seems like there are a lot of options out there. When he gets the chance, he is going to speak to his optician again to try a different type. Despite the discomfort he has experienced in abnormally high temperatures, the husband is a convert. He will get a new pair of glasses with the correct prescription in to have as back up but otherwise, it is contact lenses going forward. He really likes how much easier they are to use at work compared to glasses; no steaming up or slipping down his nose. There’s also the fact that with his glasses he had to take them off at certain times and put them back on again whereas with the contact lens he doesn’t need to worry about that. Vision Direct have a simple ordering process and offer great value for money with the same brands as opticians on the high street. What isn’t to love? Do you wear contact lenses? How do you find them?     Disclosure: In collaboration with Vision Direct.

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  1. I’ve worn lenses since 1980 as I hated wearing glasses. Started with old fashioned hard ones which could be uncomfortable at times. Changed to soft lenses about 20 years ago and they are wonderful, very comfortable, so much that I have occasionally forgotten to remove them at bed time. I have monthly disposable ones. And bonus, no tears when chopping onions!!

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