Top Tips for Moving Home This Christmas

Moving to a new house is terribly exciting, as is Christmas. But, they are also both incredibly stressful. For most of us, when we start looking at houses in the summertime when the market is thriving, and there are lots available, it’s with the hope to be in and settled before Christmas. So that we can enjoy our first relaxing Christmas in our new home. Unfortunately, it doesn’t always work out like this. If you are buying with a chain, things can quite easily become delayed if another party faces a problem, and a lot has to go to plan with a lot of people if you want an easy and fast move. Even without a chain, surveys and searches can take time, and suddenly your hopefully penciled in moving date has long past. This can leave you with a big move over the holiday period when you are busy with Christmas, and the weather isn’t ideal.

Make a Checklist…or Three

You should never go into a move without a moving home checklist. It’ll help you to remember everything that you need to do and stay organised. You may want to break your master list down to things like “packing” “things to check at the new house” “addresses to change” and then you’ll probably want a Christmas planning list too. When it comes to moving house, you can never have too many lists.

Get Christmas Sorted

If possible arrange to have Christmas dinner with a relative or friend or book a table at a restaurant. Having your first dinner in your new house will be wonderful, but there’s nothing wrong with leaving it until next year if it eases your stress.

When it comes to presents and cards, get them ready as soon as you can so that they are out of the way. Don’t worry about decorating your old home. It’s just an extra thing to move.

Plan for Snow

We rarely have a white Christmas, but it’s better to be prepared. Look at parking by both houses, and try to arrange for your van to be as close as possible. You can also grit the paths outside to make things easier and safer.

As soon as you’ve got a key for your new house, go in and check that the heating is working and that the pipes haven’t already frozen. Spend some time inside with the heating on to warm it through, if it’s been empty for a long time, it might be very cold.

Pack Christmas Separately

The last thing that you want is to move in a few days before Christmas, with absolutely no idea where your presents and decorations are and no time to find them. Deliver presents and cards to recipients outside your home before you move, so that you don’t have to worry about them. Then, pack your household gifts and decorations in separate, well-labeled boxes.

Sort Your Electricity and Utilities

Things like electricity, gas, and water should be switched on as soon as you get in touch with your provider, but it’s still a good idea to let them know as soon as you’ve got a move in date, as things can get hectic over the holidays and you don’t want a Christmas in the dark. Other things, like the internet and TV packages can take time, so give your providers as much notice as possible.




Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.


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