Time to Upgrade the Games Console?

For Christmas a couple of years ago, Cheeky Chap got his first games console, a second hand PlayStation 3. He was only 6 years old at the time and didn’t feel we could justify a PlayStation 4. They aren’t exactly cheap and we weren’t sure whether he would actually play with a games console. He always seemed happy enough with the iPad and watching TV in all of it’s various forms. So we decided a second-hand PlayStation 3 would be a good compromise and on Christmas Day he was absolutely thrilled.

Fast forward a little under two years and the PS3 no longer hits the mark, at least not fully and I blame Fortnite. Now, unless you live under a rock and/or don’t have children of school age, you can’t help but have heard of this game. I have absolutely no idea what this game is about but apparently everyone plays it and everyone does the dance moves in it. Even footballers do various moves when they celebrate scoring a goal.

Unfortunately, games are no longer made for the PS3, including Fortnite. And as we haven’t upgraded our iPad in a few years either, he can’t even play it via the app. Apparently only around 13 new games for the PS3 came out last year. I know it’s an old console but really, I don’t want to have to spend several hundred pounds on newer tech for my eight-year-old, it just feels like an awful lot of money. And, let’s face it, the PlayStation 4 has been around for a while now as well so surely the PlayStation 5 (or whatever they decide to call a new one) can’t be far off?

Which leaves us in a bit of a dilemma. This Christmas, do we upgrade Cheeky Chap to a PlayStation 4 or do we get him something else entirely and make him wait a little longer? Yes I know Christmas is still a few months away and summer isn’t over yet but really it’s only four months and even with one child it can get pretty expensive. Cheeky Chap also wants a gaming headset and I would really like a new camera. I say new like I have one other than my phone, I don’t, so I’d like a decent camera. So it is looking like Christmas this year could turn out to be more expensive than usual. Thankfully, LatestDeals.co.uk have a handy PS4 offers page to check out!

Do you have any tips on how to save money whilst upgrading tech?

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