Things You Should Know About Fibromyalgia

The below is a guest post from my friend Sarah, a fellow fibromyalgia sufferer.

Fibromyalgia, it is an illness that seems to bring to mind, to those who know nothing about it, people faking, people being lazy, people having you on.

However, what you should know and try and understand is it’s a very real illness. Those of us who suffer our day to day lives are marred with pain and the inability to think straight at times. Alongside fatigue and a whole host of other ailments that often run alongside this diagnosis (CFS, IBS, migraines, depression, lupus, osteoarthritis and endometriosis to name just a few).

It is also worth noting that Fibromyalgia has different severities. Just because you know someone who has it, who does all sorts, doesn’t mean that another person with it can.

I was officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at around 25. However, I have a feeling that it could have been part of my life since my early teens. After all I remember vividly is being poked in “pressure points” for many years and suffering unbearable pain.

There is no real answer to what causes Fibro, there is an idea it could be linked to trauma or illnesses, and it may also be hereditary.

Interestingly my Grandmother was diagnosed last year as well. (For anyone thinking but Sarah you’re adopted, I am speaking about my biological mother’s, mother here so definitely blood related).

If you have someone close to you who has been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, you need to realise things will change for them.

Life will be different for everyone.

There may be days when they can’t get out of bed, while other days they can carefully get on with life.

There will be days your loved one or friend looks at you to try and name that simple object they use every day. It could be the fridge, kettle or computer. There will be times when they falter mid-sentence, having suddenly forgot what they were saying. They may drift off and not hear you, a little like a day dream, but really, it’s just the Fibro Fog, stopping their brain working as it once did.

They will of course never know the night before which type of day the following holds.

So be kind, look out for them, offer support (physically and mentally) and just try and understand.

Fibromyalgia is unpredictable, it is unrelenting, and it is something I wouldn’t wish on anything.

Sadly, it is real. Sadly, it is a very painful condition. Sadly, it does stop your life in its tracks. Sadly, there is no cure, or happy ending.

I hope in some small way this has helped you understand this condition a little more.

Author Bio:

Sarah is the creator behind Life in a Break Down, UK Bloggers and Simply Saving and one half of the duo behind UK Lifestyle Hub. She suffers from a number of chronic health conditions and is often found cuddled up on the sofa with a movie and her pets. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram too!

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