Supermarket Tricks And How To Avoid Them

The food bill is often a bone of contention in most homes. Unlike a bone, the produce doesn’t seem to go far yet costs a fortune. When there isn’t a bottomless budget, this is a massive deal because you need your money to stretch. Unfortunately, the supermarkets aren’t on your side. The likes of Tesco and ASDA may act nice and friendly, but they use tricks to get you to spend more. To avoid an extortionate shopping bill at the end of the week, it’s important to understand and counter them.

Below is a selection of the most effective and the solutions.

The Fresh Bread Smell

As soon as you walk into the store, the smell of fresh bread wafts up your nostrils and stimulates the brain. Pretty much every supermarket has a bakery section for this reason: it makes you feel hungry. As the mouth starts to salivate, all you can think about is eating and enjoying a delicious meal. The result is that shoppers tend to put more food in their trolleys when they bargain hunt on an empty stomach. So, the solution is to eat breakfast, lunch or dinner beforehand, or have a snack. Then, the only dough you have to worry about is in your pocket.

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The Half Price Illusion

Your favourite chocolate bars go on sale and there is a promotion: buy one, get one free. That’s great because you can stockpile and save a lot of money. Or can you? Yes, the price per chocolate bar will go down, but you may not need that many in the first place. The only reason you are falling into the trap is that the sale makes it appear like an excellent deal. Always consider the value of the products first. Are they something you use all of the time, or are they perishable? The latter will go off and cost you cash.

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The Look Up Strategy

Everything which is expensive or seen as valuable is at eye level. That way, it’s the first thing you see and there is more chance of putting it in the basket. Humans are lazy and creatures of habit, which is why this strategy works. Vouchercloud has a simple solution to evolution, however: look down. On the bottom shelves is where you’ll find the own branded and non-branded stuff, and it’s a quarter of the price. All one has to do now is figure out that branded items are no different quality-wise.

The Beautiful Romance

There is no denying that essentials exist. They are the things such as bread, sugar, milk, meats and vegetables. Without these, most homes would go into meltdown. What is needed are the things which accompany them. For example, batteries tend to be near electrical items. Why? It’s because it encourages you to buy them so as not to break up the couple. Well, the romance should be over as far as you’re concerned. Stick to the stuff you need; not the things you want.

How does your budget survive the death trap that is the local supermarket?



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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