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As someone with several chronic pain-related health conditions as well as hay fever for six months of the year, I have numerous prescriptions.

Like many people, I lead a busy life running a home, a blog and a part-time job, as well as managing my health conditions. Although organised in work, at home I am notoriously forgetful. I often find I have less than a days worth of medication left before I order them. I end up having to go into my surgery to place an order, wait up to four or five days, then I have to go to the pharmacy next door to collect them. Or, pick the prescription up from my GP the folllowing day, then go into the pharmacy and wait around for up to half an hour (or come back later). This could be particularly problematic when I am having a flare-up. My husband works long and unsociable hours so is not often able to collect my medication for me.

Enter in Pharmacy2U

Pharmacy2U is a convenient prescription delivery service that will deliver your prescriptions to you.

You simply set up an account which includes a few basic details such as your name, date of birth and address. You can then add information about your prescriptions such as the medication, dose and how much you order at a time. For example, for paracetamol I take two 500mg tablets every four to six hours up to four times a day and I get one month’s worth in one prescription. However, for my hay fever, I take one 10mg certizine tablet once a day and I get two months worth at one time. If you have a pre-payment certificate like I do, or are exempt from paying for your prescriptions, you take a photo of proof (for example your pre-payment certificate) and add it to your file.

You can also enter in the date when you next need your medication. Pharmacy2U will then send a reminder email (or push notification if you install their app) for you to order your medication in plenty of time for when you need it.

Medication is sent by Royal Mail first class tracked delivery. Controlled drugs such as tramadol are sent separately by Royal Mail first class Signed For.

I found the service fairly easy to use, both the website and the app felt pretty user friendly to me and the majority of my medication arrived within a couple of days.

I have only used it once, so have yet to see how effective the reminder service is but I will add an update to this post once I have used Pharmacy2U again.

A word of warning.

You will notice above I say the majority of my medication arrived within a couple of days. Included in my order was tramadol, which is a controlled drug. Now, whilst Pharmacy2U does say that controlled drugs will have to be signed for on delivery, there was no other information available about how these items are handled. So I was a little surprised when,  on checking the progress of my order, I noticed that tramadol was missing.

I called Pharmacy2U and after a short wait of no more than a couple of minutes, I got through to speak to someone. They explained that prescriptions for controlled drugs were sent by post rather than electronically, so took a couple of days longer than other medication.

A few more days passed and I still hadn’t received my tramadol so called Pharmacy2U again and was told they still hadn’t received the prescription. As it turned out, my GP surgery had sent it to my usual pharmacy as it is listed as my preferred choice on my notes. So, if your prescriptions normally get sent elsewhere (rather than collecting from your surgery) it is well worth letting your surgery know you will be using Pharmacy2U going forward.

Will I use Pharmacy2U again?

Yes absolutely, I will use the service again. My medication arrived quickly and both of my calls were answered quickly. The issue with tramadol turned out to be the fault of my surgery and is now hopefully resolved.

2 thoughts on “Pharmacy2U – A Convenient Prescription Delivery Service

  1. Such a fantastic service. I’m the very same as you. I have several chronic illnesses and I’m constantly forgetting about my medication! This is such a great way to never get caught without my pain relief- which is always happening to me!

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