Medical Negligence – When Things Go Wrong

Have you ever worried about your medical care going wrong?

In the UK we are incredibly lucky to have the NHS at our disposal, for now at least and have among us some of the world’s leading medical practitioners. My own neurosurgeon is considered one of the best in his field. However, despite this, things can and do occasionally go wrong. After all, even the brightest people are still human and make mistakes.

Whilst I have been fortunate enough to have had successful treatment every time, whether during consultation or major surgery, that hasn’t stopped me from wondering “What if…?”. If something was to go wrong, what could I do about it?

It turns out, quite a bit. You can file a complaint or make a claim for medical negligence should you have suffered physical and/or emotional harm following medical treatment. This may seem like a daunting prospect but there are plenty of specialists out there who can help you to make your claim.

The most common medical negligence claims happen due a result of an incorrect diagnosis, a delay in diagnosis, wrong medication given, errors during surgery and a failure to inform patients of the potential risks.

As to what you can claim for this will include damages for physical and/or emotional harm, costs of any additional care you needed due to the error and loss of earnings.

In an ideal world of course no one would need to make a claim for negligence but, unfortunately, these things do happen and it is important to be informed of your options if they do.



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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