Gardening Made Easy In 3 Simple Step

Being green fingered just doesn’t come easily to some people. While many individuals are blissfully happy spending their summer Saturdays pruning their shrubs, cutting back their rose bushes, planting next years perennials and mowing their impeccable lawn, for others the thought of being unleashed onto a garden is palpitation inducing. All things horticultural are like an alien language to some people. Latin plant names may as well be in Klingon and taking care of a rockery is as complex as a mathematical theorem. If you have a back garden and have no idea how to take care of it, take a look at these three simple steps that will have your fingers turning a light shade of green in no time.

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Fake It

If you struggle to maintain any sort of garden, there is nothing wrong with creating the garden of your dreams but without the hassle. Companies like LazyLawn will install large artificial lawn spaces that feel as natural as the original good stuff but without the upkeep. You won’t need to mow, you won’t need to water, and you won’t need to worry when those dry yellow patches start appearing. With artificial grass, your lawn will be permanently short, well-coiffed and ready for a picnic or a play.

Create Zones

There is no point aiming for the horticultural moon when you haven’t even been around the block yet. It’s vital that you try to create zones within your garden area, no matter how small it is. By creating areas for al fresco dining, a lawn space and a decking area, you will then have a smaller zone to concern yourself with plants and flowers. If planting a rose bush really fills you with dread, or you don’t have any borders to speak of, consider practising with some pots. Fill them with compost, purchase some flowers that you like the look of and get planting. If a flower needs shade, don’t park it slap bang in direct sunlight and vice versa. Most plants come with basic care instructions these days so ensure you pick the right plants for your environment.

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While it might not be the most exciting thing in the world, head online and use your trusty friend Google to take a look at some garden designs. There are plenty of people who detest plants, flowers and trees, yet have created the most heavenly outdoor spaces that have gotten them into all things horticultural. You might even want to read a few ‘how to’ books, ask friends and family for ideas or even employ the services of a local gardener to give you some pointers. Most people don’t enjoy gardening because they don’t know how to be successful at it. If you can upskill your gardening knowledge, you may have found yourself a new hobby.

Gardening isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, and yet everyone wants a pleasant garden to enjoy the summer months in. Follow these three simple steps, and you could find that you are an amateur gardener in no time.



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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