Fantastic Mr Fox, Person of Interest and Parents Evening. #LittleLoves

It’s been a funny few months here. Those of you who follow me on social media will know that following our separation, the husband came home in August, in time for our tenth wedding anniversary. It took us a little while to get used that again. We’ve had numerous issues with the husband’s car, my health has been up and down (and includes a new, not unexpected diagnosis of fibromyalgia) and I’ve started a new part-time job. I have a few more hospital appointments lined up over the next few weeks but I’m hoping that I can slowly start to get back into a routine that works for me without feeling overwhelmed.


I haven’t done a great deal, well any, reading for myself for ages. However, in recent weeks Cheeky Chap has started to read more. For a long time we stopped reading a bedtime story together. We used to read in his bed but he recently got a high-sleeper bed which isn’t particularly practical for me to get into. So last week we started a new bedtime routine and now we will sit in my bed together, which Cheeky Chap loves. We started reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. Cheeky Chap will read a page or two to me, then I will finish that chapter and read another one to him. I had forgotten how much I missed this winding down time and it seems to help him get to sleep quicker. At seven years old I’m not sure how much longer these cuddles in bed will last so I’m making the most of them while I can.

Fantastic Mr Fox book


I recently finished watching White Collar on Netflix. I managed to binge on all six seasons in a couple of weeks; I’m not sure whether that’s something to be proud of or not! It’s a brilliant show about a con man turned Criminal Informant for the FBI and I highly recommend it. I’m now currently watching Person of Interest which is also a great show. On TV we’ve welcomed the return of Criminal Minds. It feels a bit strange now to have to wait a week between episodes after binging on so many shows on Netflix!


This week was parent’s evening. We left feeling very pleased and rather proud. Cheeky Chap had a lot of intervention last year to improve his handwriting but his teacher said in recent weeks that has slipped a bit. She did say that the jump from KS1 to KS2 is quite big for some children, there is a lot more written work which likely explains why his writing has become more messy again. Aside from that, he is meeting all expectations and is, apparently, quite bright and capable of more. He just needs more confidence as he has a tendency to check back that he has understood or completed a task correctly. I suspect he has inherited my perfectionist tendencies!


I haven’t made much of anything lately. I was recently formally diagnosed with fibromyalgia and with the change in weather I’ve had a flare up. Most of my energy has been taken up just to work and meet the basic needs of the home and Cheeky Chap. One thing I did cook this week for the first time in a while was chicken and broccoli pasta bake. It’s really easy, delicious and Cheeky Chap had been asking for it for an age.


This time of year brings different emotions. On the one hand, I hate the fact that it gets dark so early. I end up feeling tired at Cheeky Chap’s bedtime. On the other hand, with the evenings drawing in earlier, there’s no reason to not put on my PJs as soon as I’ve done the school run! However, I’ve discovered I really need to get a couple of more pairs; I’ve got one pair that is truly battered, one pair that’s a bit too small and one other pair that I wear a lot. PJs are going on my Christmas list for sure! I’m even tempted to get myself some Christmassy ones.

and lastly…

A few weeks ago I started a job that is absolutely perfect for me. It’s only eight hours a week as a church administrator but I am loving it. The vicar is so appreciative of what I do and it’s so nice to feel like I’m of use again. I don’t have set hours and the hours I work are very flexible. Unfortunately we are no better off financially (who says work pays?!) but it is something I am enjoying and has boosted my confidence.

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

5 thoughts on “Fantastic Mr Fox, Person of Interest and Parents Evening. #LittleLoves

  1. It’s great to hear about your new job. It’s perfect to have a job that is so flexible. I stopped reading to my daughter at bedtime when she was 6 or 7, but then went back to it a couple of years later to help her settle down to sleep. I still do it now even though she’s 11 and at secondary school.
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  2. Sounds like your new job is perfect for you, even if it doesn’t come with mega bucks. I love Fantastic Mr Fox, think I might have to give it a go with my 5 year old. He wasn’t keen on George’s Marvellous Medicine, but I’m desperate to get into Roald Dahl books with him – for me mainly! Have a great week!

  3. So pleased to read about your new job and the positive impact it’s having on you. Such great news. Sorry I’m so late in popping over to read your LittleLoves, it’s been one of those non-stop weeks! xx

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