Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park

A Midweek Trip to the Park

While everyone else was getting back into the swing of school and work this week, Cheeky Chap had a bonus week off school. As seems to be typical, despite having a whole two weeks off school, he picked up a nasty cough and cold on the Saturday before he was due back to school. Rather than getting better, he got worse, to the point that the night before term started again, the husband and I both woke up several times due to his coughing disturbing (and worrying!) us, despite the solid brick walls and closed doors. There was no way I was sending an already tired from the holidays boy back to school like that. We also started to notice that he would need the TV and iPad up a lot louder than usual, so much so that I even had to ask him to turn it down. That’s saying something considering I have a 50% hearing loss myself! We also found that we were repeating ourselves, loudly, much more frequently than usual.

On Wednesday morning, the husband took him to the GP. Usually I would wait about a week for an illness like that to pass before making an appointment, I am really not one to make a fuss but it was disrupting his sleep so much, it didn’t seem fair. If there was something wrong and something could be done to help ease his discomfort, I wanted it sooner rather than later. In order to get better you need to be able to rest properly and frankly you can’t a decent amount of sleep with a loud, sore cough and a streaming nose. On their return Cheeky Chap came bounding up to me, laughing and said “Mummy! The doctor told me I have a GUITAR in my ear! He must be kidding. HOW can a GUITAR get in my EAR?!”. It really was so funny and the happiest I had seen him in a few days. The husband did say that he was told Cheeky Chap could probably go back to school the following day after a few doses of antibiotics but as it turned out, he simply hasn’t been well enough, in our opinion. Lets face it, no one knows a child like their parents and I didn’t want to worry about being called in to collect him or worse, picking him up and realising he had been too ill after all. So we decided to keep him off for the rest of the week as well.

By Wednesday afternoon, we realised it had been almost a week since Cheeky Chap had got outside. We had left the house, stayed overnight at my sister’s, been shopping but he hadn’t really had any chance to burn off some energy.  I felt that it was about time we got him outside and, to be honest, I needed some fresh air too. After a heated brief conversation with the husband, who felt it best to keep Cheeky Chap indoors due to his ear and chest infection, we went up to our favourite park for 30 minutes. It was early afternoon which meant the ‘older’ play park was empty; it was a very rare treat to have the place all to ourselves. I only wish that we could have stayed longer! Naturally, an empty park also made it a lot easier for me to take some photos.

Blaise bottom slide

Blaise swing (1)

Blaise bridge

Blaise mud

Blaise swing – original

Blaise zip line

It was so nice to get outside, into the sunshine. I don’t know why but I never fail to be surprised just how much our moods are lifted by a brief period of the great outdoors after a prolonged period indoors.

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40 thoughts on “Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park

  1. Its amazing the difference a bit of fresh air makes. my girls were fortunate enough only to have a poorly day each but during the holidays they always get ill 🙁 Hope everything has settled down now.

  2. Sorry to hear he was ill all week. I hope the antibiotics have kicked in and he’s feeling better now. A week indoors is never good (even a day indoors is never good). We have those discussions when our kids are ill, but it’s usually my husband taking them out – to places like coffee shops or even round the shops in town. It’s always a bad idea, but it looks like the park was perfect for CC!
    sarahmo3w recently posted…School uniform from TrutexMy Profile

    1. Funnily enough my husband asked if we could just go to our favourite coffee shop or soft play! He thought it would be better to be indoors still. Men really don’t think, CC was still contagious as he’d not actually started his antibiotics by then!

  3. It’s such a shame that Cheeky Chap has been so poorly, It’s just horrible as a parent hearing them coughing and spluttering all the time. It’s great that he’s on the mend now though, hopefully it’ll be clear soon for him to be able to face School again. He looks like getting outside on the play park really did him wonders, it’s amazing how much fresh air can improve your health. Thanks for linking up with me on Country kids.

  4. It’s great to get outside especially when it’s been raining. I was so thankful yesterday was dry so I could get my mini me out on a long walk. She’s full of the cold and a really bad caught as well, wonderful what fresh air can do

  5. Looks like he had a great time, it is horrible when they are ill, my Daughter has been ill this week, had one day off sent her in the next and she maybe should have stayed off as went to bed as soon as she got in from school and had a temp. It is so hard knowing what to do. Hope he is better and over it all soon x

    1. It is tough. You don’t want them to miss school unnecessarily but you also know they need the rest to recover properly! Hope your daughter is better now. I think Cheeky Chap is on the mend finally…

  6. It looks like you have a fantastic park to visit and use up that excess energy on, I am convinced a good walk in the brisk cold sunshine is great for the soul x

  7. Oh bless him. Such a shame he missed school because he was poorly. I do hope he is better for you now. Fresh air really does help. I tend to try and get my kids to go outside a day or two after being poorly as I think they can get worse if they have no fresh air. The reason to why I open windows early morning once we wake up every single day, cold or not. I close them later but atleast we had fresh air. I think it helps a lot x
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      1. wonderful post! he’s getting so big! i have such a hard time rembemering when jeremiah has learned different things – it seems like he’s done them forever. LOL.cute pic of you two!

  8. Aw he looks so happy and gorgeous in these photos. I bet he loved having the big park to himself. There is definitely nothing like a bit of fresh air to blow away the cobwebs! Hope he is feeling much better now. x

  9. There is something wonderful and quite naughty about being in a park when all the kids are at school and you get it all to yourselves. Just look at that smile and how happy he looks!

  10. No-one knows better than Mummy and Daddy. So glad he’s starting to feel better, you caught some gorgeous pictures too. Hope this week is going a lot smoother for you all. I bet it was lovely to steal that extra quality time although of course we prefer them well, it’s nice to get extra snuggles isn’t it? Nice to discover your blog xxx
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  11. Aww I suffer with a ear infection regularly so I can imagine he was poorly bless him! He looks like he had a good end to the week at the park anyway 🙂 x

  12. Oh the poor wee thing. I hope he’s on the mend now. Sometimes I think some fresh air and a run around can help clear their chests a bit. My boy is forever having nasty ear infections and once he starts recovering he’s desperate to get out for a short burst, and then back to his blanket and the sofa.

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