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For quite some time now I’ve been browsing Pinterest for ideas to redecorate Cheeky Chap’s bedroom. It’s not in desperate need or anything but it’s just a little dark for the size of it. I want to brighten it up a bit more and create more storage. I imagine this bright colourful space that he will love to play in.

The first thing we would need to do is paint it white. The walls are currently a dark blue which I have always felt is just slightly too dark for a bedroom of that size. Add in that it’s North facing with not a great deal of natural light and I really think it needs a white with pops of colour to brighten it up, making it more “child friendly”. I’ve been suggesting this to the husband for a while now and he’s finally agreed; I think he’s just fed up with me keeping on!

I am not usually a fan of character themed bedrooms. The idea of Cheeky Chap’s whole bedroom being decked out in Paw Patrol stuff does not appeal to me one little bit. Aside from personally thinking it will look tacky, the expense of changing theme every 12-18 months is money I’d rather not spend! That said, Cheeky Chap is mad about Lego as well. Something which will never get old. I have seen some Lego wall stickers that I think would add some brilliant colour to white walls.

We have also promised Cheeky Chap a new bed. He currently has a divan bed, which in my mind just means there is a lot of space wasted that could be easily utilise. The last couple of times that we have been to Hope Cove Cheeky Chap has tried out one of the top bunks but always got a bit scared so that would rule out a cabin bed for him. A mid sleeper bed with storage like this one would be a great solution for us and a wall Trofast from IKEA would create additional storage without taking more floor space.

Ever since moving in, over two years ago, we have used an old blanket to darken the room at bedtime and in the morning. It acts pretty well as a black out blind but I would love to find something like these Disney VELUX blinds because let’s face it, Disney, much like Lego, never gets old. I thought that these IKEA picture ledges would make great bookshelves. Certainly better and more accessible than the large plastic box that Cheeky Chap’s books are currently stored in! As we all know, children really do judge a book by it’s cover so using these rather than a traditional bookshelf will mean books can face outwards and he can easily choose which book he would like.

I came across these two sets of bedding which I think will brighten up any child’s bedroom. Cheeky Chap’s favourite colours are blue and green and as I have already said, he is a huge Lego fan, what more could he want?

Cheeky Chap Bedding

Finally, can you believe we still don’t have any light shades on our ceiling lights and Cheeky Chap still has a tatty lamp in his bedroom? He keeps mentioning robots lately so I think these matching shade and lamp will do just the trick.

Lighting collage

I have no doubt that unless we can make a start on Cheeky Chap’s room soon, I will probably change my mind! I have, of course, asked him for some input but all I have had is colourful, green and blue. I think these ideas manage to meet those requirements.

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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8 thoughts on “Cheeky Chap Bedroom Inspiration

  1. Totally with you on character bedrooms, but you seem to have some good compromises here. Dark colours aren’t good for small rooms! My son has a small room with a tiny window, a dark feature wall and a high bed blocking what little light there is in there. You can’t see a thing!
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  2. I am with you, I do not liked themed either, I don’t mind the odd accessory. Those wall stickers are awesome I am sure your son would love what you have planned xx

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