9 Breathtakingly Beautiful Winter Holiday Destinations

When the weather starts to get cooler, you may want to get planning a winter sun trip to warm you up and give you a sunkissed glow. But there are also plenty of reasons why choosing a destination for a winter vacation that does experience snow and ice can also be a good idea; it all depends on what you are looking for. There are definitely pros and cons to both, so I thought it would be a good idea to share some top destinations for a winter trip, for both sun and snow, so that you can make up your own mind. There is something really beautiful about both of them.



The South American destination that borders Chile and Argentina is a stunning place to visit in the winter time. A lot of the national park area amenities of Patagonia is closed in the summer months, so from around November to April can be the perfect time to visit so that you can experience all of it.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls can be a great destination for a winter trip, as you’re likely to be cold whatever time of year you visit as you can get pretty wet! But the location is great for making trips into Canada or down to New York on the other side. If you fancy a bit of an outdoor adventure then this could be the destination for you.


Ice by name, ice by nature, right? Iceland is a stunning place to visit that is really unlike anywhere else on earth. While it does get summer weather, it can be fun to embrace the winter side of the country. Places like the Blue Lagoon can be enjoyed all year round, but you can explore ice caves in winter, as well as it being the best time of year to try and spot the northern lights. You could even choose a cruise like the one on the Bolsover Cruise Club website, where you go to Norway and then Iceland. So your chances of experiencing Aurelius Bareilles are going to be much higher.



If a bit of a warmer climate is what you are after, then heading over to the African continent makes complete sense. The Serengeti National Park is something that is the most famous in the region, so safaris or balloon rides over can be the best way to experience it all.


Austria is a great destination, especially in the winter time. The country made famous by The Sound of Music is beautiful in summer, but there is even more to do in winter. You can ski in the more mountainous regions, as well as enjoy the festive markets in Vienna. Austrians and Germans really know how to make a great festive market, so they are going to be worth experiencing in one of the countries that made them famous.


If winter sun is what you are looking for then the Caribbean makes perfect sense, as it is has great weather all year round. In fact, that is going to be the best time to experience the Caribbean climate as it is the peak time for it over there. Crystal clear beaches and white sands, as well as amazing culture and food, you’re spoilt for choice. Which island would you choose?

San Diego

San Diego in California is a great spot in winter as it doesn’t have the most tourists like it will have in the summer, but there is still plenty to see and do. It is close to the beach, as well as being a great spot for families thanks to places like Legoland and SeaWorld. The climate is pretty good in that region too, so you don’t have to worry about snow or packing your winter clothes.



Japan is a way more diverse country than you might first imagine, and in winter it is a really special place to visit. The Chubu area gets covered in snow, and with the cute little homes in that area, it can look postcard perfect. There is great skiing in Japan too, as well as heading slightly further out to Okinawa where you’ll experience some pretty balmy temperatures.


If culture is what you want to experience, as well as warm weather and stunning views, then Vietnam ticks all of those boxes. The country is huge, but there is a lot to offer. You can experience beaches, river cruises, temples, culture sites, and even explore the world heritage village of Hoi An, where it has been untouched for decades.




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