7 Personalised Gift Ideas For Men

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Some men can be very difficult to buy gifts for. A personalised gift could be a great way to show your appreciation by offering something unique and meaningful. Whether you’re buying for your partner or you dad or your brother, why not try some of these personalised gift options?

Tailored jacket

For the man that doesn’t seem to be able to find a jacket that fits, why not consider looking into a tailored jacket? There are lots of tailor services out there that allow you to choose from a variety of styles. You’ll need to know their measurements (which may make it difficult to buy this gift as a surprise) and you’ll need to leave enough time for the jacket to be made.

Embroidered wallet

Wallets tend to be fairly conventional gifts, however you could add a unique twist by looking into personalisation options. There are companies that can embroider a name or initials into a wallet by hand. You can also look into embossed leather wallets and printed wallets, which may be cheaper.

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Engraved lighter

Lighters can be a useful accessory. To make this gift a little more special, why not consider getting a personalised engraved lighter. You’ll find many engraving services online. Other items that you may be able to engrave include hipflasks, tankards, bracelets, dog tags, keyrings and phone cases.

Personalised heat change mug

Mugs can be pretty boring gifts, but you can make it an exciting gift by looking into personalisation options. This could include printing a message onto it or printing a photograph on the side. You could even make it more exciting by opting for a heat change mug – these mugs only reveal the printing on the side when hot water is poured in.

Customisable labelled beer

There are breweries out there that sell beer in which you can fully customise the label. This could allow you to come up with your own name such as ‘dad’s beer’ and use your own photo. You may even be able to choose the type of beer to go in it. Such a gift could be great for a beer lover.

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Personalised registration plate

For the man who loves his car, a personalised registration plate could be the ultimate gift. You can buy these plates online. Whilst some plates can be expensive (full words tend to be very pricy), there are cheap private plates out there – consider combinations that may be able to incorporate the person’s initial or perhaps their date of birth. You could even buy a plate for ornamental purposes.

Customisable football shirt

For football fans, a customisable shirt could be a fun option. You could print their name on the back and a number that relates to them. Most sports team websites will sell customisable t-shirts as part of their merchandise – going through the official site could ensure that you get something that looks legitimate.




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