5 Steps to Becoming the Hostess with the Mostess


You never quite know when someone might pop round to visit you at home. There might be instances when a friend gives you a quick call or text message in advance to ask if it is OK for them to head around in half an hour or so, but there might be some instances of people turning up unannounced. Even if you had nothing else planned, this could still be a bit of a shock and something that you aren’t quite prepared for.

There is one way around this so that you are never surprised when you hear your doorbell go again – you just need to always be prepared for visitors. If you are always ready to welcome guests into your home, you will surely come across as the hostess with the mostess, a feat that will probably really impress all your friends! Here are five steps that can make that happen.

Stock Up In The Kitchen

You should always have some food in that you can offer your guests. This doesn’t have to be a full three-course meal of course! But if your guests have popped over for a cup of tea, you should still have some biscuits or snacks to offer them. So, make sure your kitchen is always well stocked!

Get Into A Cleaning Routine

It can be quite embarrassing if someone visits and the whole house is a mess. Unfortunately, you won’t have any time to clean in advance if some friends do pop around unannounced. Thankfully, you’ll find getting into a regular cleaning routine can help you keep your home in a decent condition at all times.


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Be Prepared To Be Flexible

Were you just going to nip to the shops but then some friends came to see you for a quick coffee? You might be tempted to tell them that you are leaving soon, but it would be much more polite for you to change your plans. You can always go shopping once they have left, and they then won’t feel so bad about coming to see you. Similarly, it’s always worth being flexible at meal times. If someone visits you just as you were about to sit down to dinner, why not invite them to join you?

Always Have The Spare Room Ready

If you don’t already have a spare room ready for guests, it’s worth adding a bed and some oak furniture to make it feel homely. Also make sure that the sheets on the bed are clean and that there are fresh towels. You’ll then always be ready to welcome guests for the night.



Learn The Art Of Conversation


Do you often run out of conversation? The only solution for that is to keep on practicing. If your mind does go blank, you could always turn things around by asking your guest a question to prompt them to start speaking about something.


Having guests around is a great way to catch up with all of your nearest and dearest. And I’m sure you’ll enjoy being the hostess with the mostess!



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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