5 Reasons you should definitely visit the Cotswolds

The Cotswolds is the UK’s area of stunning natural beauty. People from all over the world come to The Cotswolds to experience the picturesque landscapes and perfect green villages. Natural beauty is the main attraction of The Cotswolds, yet this place in UK has more to offer. It’s almost half a century that the Cotswolds was revered as an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB). This is almost like a pretty pocket of the rural England which is not explored… Continue Reading “5 Reasons you should definitely visit the Cotswolds”

Social Media and Balance

At the end of the summer we went on a family holiday to Portugal. Although we’ve had several short breaks of a few days each to Hope Cove in Devon, this was not only our first holiday longer than 5 days but also our first trip abroad as a family. Before then we hadn’t been abroad since the husband and I got married in Cyprus in 2007, long before we even considered having children. Before booking, we didn’t do anything… Continue Reading “Social Media and Balance”

Referendum Fall Out

Last Thursday the UK held a referendum. We were asked whether we should remain as part of the European Union or whether we should leave. The end result was that the UK decided to part company with the EU. The sun had barely risen on Friday morning when Nigel Farage said that Leave’s promise of £350 million for the NHS was “a mistake”. A couple of people argued over the wording of the claim (some friends of mine said that we were… Continue Reading “Referendum Fall Out”

Attitude of Gratitude

There is no doubt about it, life can be tough at times. Last week was a pretty stressful week for me. I had a driving test, which I failed rather spectacularly, my husband had one of a series of hospital appointments, I was poorly, the husband was ill, I had an assignment deadline rapidly approaching and I was behind on my studies, frantically trying to catch up all while dealing with an usually grumpy, miserable and rude child. I felt… Continue Reading “Attitude of Gratitude”

My Personal and Blog Plans for 2016

If I am honest, I usually find New Year’s Eve rather boring, we generally stay in while it feels like the world and his wife are out partying and yet I feel I have to stay up until midnight has passed because there’s just something about seeing the new year in that means I don’t want to miss it. However, I do really like the promise that a new year brings. We usually have the Christmas decorations down by New… Continue Reading “My Personal and Blog Plans for 2016”