Minimalist Decorating Made Simple

Image source You have probably heard the word minimalist regarding interior design. It has been the popular way to arrange rooms since the middle of the last century and still remains a great trend today. The way it is handled might have been updated, and the pieces used will be different, but apart from that using a minimalistic design for your home will not of altered much from when it was first thought of. Neutral Colours Start by choosing a… Continue Reading “Minimalist Decorating Made Simple”

Getting the Most Out of Driving

For some people, driving is a huge joy and something that they can’t live without – while for others, it is merely a way of getting from one place to another, and a necessary part of daily life in that regard. Whatever driving may be for you, chances are you would be glad to know of some useful ways to get much more out of it. This is something that can really make a difference not just to your experience… Continue Reading “Getting the Most Out of Driving”

Interiors Done Right

If there’s one thing we all love doing in our homes, it’s redesigning them. We might not spend any money, we might not put pen to paper but as we stare at our tired old walls and sagging sofa we let our imaginations soar and see our living spaces for what they could be. Redecorating definitely can be costly. If you don’t have the DIY skills yourself then you need to get someone in. If you’re not sure quite what… Continue Reading “Interiors Done Right”

5 Steps to Becoming the Hostess with the Mostess You never quite know when someone might pop round to visit you at home. There might be instances when a friend gives you a quick call or text message in advance to ask if it is OK for them to head around in half an hour or so, but there might be some instances of people turning up unannounced. Even if you had nothing else planned, this could still be a bit of a shock and something that you… Continue Reading “5 Steps to Becoming the Hostess with the Mostess”

Life Insurance Protection for my Family

Until recently I thought the purpose of life insurance was predominately to cover a mortgage if you were no longer around to meet the repayments. So, not owning a property myself, I never really saw the need for such cover. But recently I was chatting with a good friend who pointed out that my partner works full-time and without his income, (or mine for that matter), we would not be able to support our young son. Life insurance is paid… Continue Reading “Life Insurance Protection for my Family”