Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}

We are very lucky living in Bristol. We have a vibrant city with lots of green space and parks. In recent months we haven’t really been outside all that much. While I don’t think it’s actually been particularly wet so far this winter, it’s also not been particularly bright and it feels like there has always been the looming threat of rain. And I am naturally quite lazy. But Cheeky Chap really is the sort of child that needs to… Continue Reading “Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}”

Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park

While everyone else was getting back into the swing of school and work this week, Cheeky Chap had a bonus week off school. As seems to be typical, despite having a whole two weeks off school, he picked up a nasty cough and cold on the Saturday before he was due back to school. Rather than getting better, he got worse, to the point that the night before term started again, the husband and I both woke up several times… Continue Reading “Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park”