The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point

It’s hard to believe but we are now half-way through the summer break. I almost feel as though we have wasted the last three weeks as we haven’t really done much at all. One of the (few) benefits to having a communal garden is that we have ready made playmates for Cheeky Chap. As long as it is a dry day, we are able to send him out into the garden and, more often than not, at least one other… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point”

The Ordinary Moments 16 #5 ~ Bedtime

There’s a time of day that parents look forward to like no other. Bedtime. I know many parents who have a nightmare with getting their children to bed. We have been very lucky and Cheeky Chap has never really been a problem at bedtime. Of course he has his moments like every child but on the whole he goes to bed nicely and calmly and without too much stress. The key has always been ensuring that he has some wind down… Continue Reading “The Ordinary Moments 16 #5 ~ Bedtime”

Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park

While everyone else was getting back into the swing of school and work this week, Cheeky Chap had a bonus week off school. As seems to be typical, despite having a whole two weeks off school, he picked up a nasty cough and cold on the Saturday before he was due back to school. Rather than getting better, he got worse, to the point that the night before term started again, the husband and I both woke up several times… Continue Reading “Country Kids & Ordinary Moments 16 #2 ~ A Mid-Week Trip to the Park”

Soft Play Hell

Yesterday we attended a birthday party at our local soft play. It is safe to say it was utter chaos. When we arrived (five minutes early) they were still checking in people who were attending the party that should have started 30 minutes previously. There was a large huddle of children and adults trying to get through, with regular customers still being processed in at the same time. We finally got in, 10 minutes late and weaved our way through… Continue Reading “Soft Play Hell”

Learning to Ride His Bike

When you are a parent to a baby or toddler, firsts are a reasonably regular occurrence. When they first smile, roll, crawl, sit up, say words, take their first steps, speak in full sentences. All sorts of things are firsts worthy of celebrating and making you feel like the proudest parent to have ever lived. Soon enough, your little baby has developed into a little person and firsts, while no less worthy of celebration, slow down. There are still many more to… Continue Reading “Learning to Ride His Bike”