Reflecting on 2015

At New Year I always find myself reflecting about how previous years could have been better, getting upset about bad things that have happened or situations that were less than ideal. 2015 was different. There were no major life changes, nothing that made me particularly sad or anything that I particularly struggled with. I feel bad for saying that, for having a good year. A year during which I felt secure and content for once.

In March we had Cheeky Chap’s parent’s evening which the husband attended while I stayed at home with Cheeky Chap who had a bout of chicken pox.

A bit of tricky word bingo and some sums. Chicken pox doesn't mean no school work!
A bit of tricky word bingo and some sums. Chicken pox doesn’t mean no school work!

The month of April was quite an opinionated one on the blog. It was the run up to the general election and so there was naturally a lot of debate on social media and I considered vote swapping, even featuring on Sky News, briefly! The end of April sees the anniversary of my mum’s death so I shared my experience of grief.

In May Cheeky Chap turned five and there was an air of shock, at least to those of us on social media, around the result of the general election. I also shared a post about my favourite place, Hope Cove, since we visited and we were blessed with lovely weather, something of a rarity for us when we go!

The summer was dominated by my surgery for Chiari Malformation.

hospital stay

June was all about recovering from major surgery and was, undoubtedly, the hardest month of last year both for me personally and for us as a family. I hadn’t realised just how much my surgery would impact my little family and in July I was re-admitted to hospital due to the worst headaches I had ever experienced (which is saying something for someone who suffered with migraines and who had two brain surgeries!).

In August I was still recovering from my surgery and I found myself incredibly frustrated at not being able to do as much as I wanted to do during the summer.

In September Cheeky Chap returned to school and promptly fell victim to a sickness bug but we didn’t let that stop us visiting the woods.


In October I felt I needed to justify why we had decided to only have one child and Cheeky Chap learned to ride his bike! After 21 months of sobriety I finally decided to open up about my alcoholism. That was, by far, the most daunting post I have ever written and shared but I got a huge amount of support.

I ended 2015 with a feeling of contentment in a way I had never felt before. It’s not something I will take for granted because I know what it’s like to go through stressful periods and times of darkness. I hope that 2016 brings as much happiness and joy as 2015 but I know that if it doesn’t, that I will be able to handle it. I have before and I can again.

Wishing you all a happy new year! Did you have a good year?

23 thoughts on “Reflecting on 2015

  1. What an eventful year for you. Major surgery really does take some time to get over. I know that having been there, here’s to a healthy happy new year

  2. What a roller coaster year Rachel and I remember talking to you about your surgery on Facebook, such a brave lady, as well as opening up about your past with alcohol. I am so glad you are content and happy, long may it continue you. Happy new year to you lovely lady. x

  3. A very eventful year for you and I am glad you have found more peace towards the end of the year. Hopefully it is a sign of better times ahead

  4. I think when you look back on a year it’s amazing what has happened in the last 12 months. I hope 2016 brings health and happiness to you and your family.

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