My Sunday Photo – Normal

This week has been the stuff of routine. Getting up each morning, taking Cheeky Chap to school, chores during the day, afternoons and evenings at home of reading and phonics practice. Life has been steady, normal, mundane almost for a while now. I am used to something happening, a drama of some sort filling my thoughts and dreams, something to fret over and get anxious about. When life is quiet, normal I feel content but also like I am waiting for something to happen, to go wrong.

I want a photo with a story behind it and I didn’t think I had that this week because we have been plodding in the normal stuff. No adventures or stories to tell. In fact, I had just a few shots on my phone, none of which I could repair or make nice enough to put on here. Then something stuck me; take a photo of now, this moment right here. My little family around me, doing our own things together in each other’s company.

Cheeky Chap winding down in front of the iPad after a busy day. The husband watching the football match on the TV. Me trying to blog.Β This is aΒ normal Saturday evening and makes me content, at peace.

Sunday Photo


25 thoughts on “My Sunday Photo – Normal

  1. Ah it’s lovely that you are feeling so content, sometimes the mundane and ordinary are the best. Love the photo, it definitely could be a scene from my house too! Thanks for linking up lovely, it’s fab having you! xx

  2. He hee – loving all the screen time going on there! I’m always quite relieved when my five year old gets wrapped up in his programmes and we’re all free to do our thing (mine mostly being blogging!) but then I have a two year old who throws a massive spanner into the works πŸ˜‰ X #mysundayphoto #ordinarymoments

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