Project 366 ~ Week 1

I’ve tried and failed before but I am giving Project 365 another in part of my effort to post more consistently over here. Because the year started towards the end of a week, Week 1 is a longer week.

Project 366 Week 1

Day 1 – Seconds after midnight on New Years Day and we toasted in the new year. Obviously I had an alcohol free version which was surprisingly tasty.

Project 366 week 1

Day 2 – I haven’t done any studying for weeks. With both the husband and son at home it has been hard to find the space I need so I took myself to Costa for a couple of hours. I got so much done!

Project 366 - Week 1

Day 3 – It was a lazy PJ day at home for all. Cheeky Chap spent a large portion of it on Lego Dimensions after spending his Christmas money on the Scooby Doo Team Pack to add to his collection.

Project 366 Week 1

Day 4 – With the husband’s working hours, he is at home until just before school pick up time which means even when Cheeky Chap is at school it is hard for me to have the space I need. So I decided to sort out my dressing table making it easy to clear off and create a desk to study and blog at. It’s a little smaller than I would like but a good compromise and will clearly save us money on coffee and cake! I might still have to treat myself once a week though. 😉

Project 366 - Day 5

Day 5 – A few days into feeling poorly and Cheeky Chap was by far the most lethargic he had been throughout. I was also suffering with a high pain attack and so we spent most of the day in my bed watching TV together.

Project 366 Week 1

Day 6 – After finally getting a good night’s sleep, Cheeky Chap had a little more energy. We hadn’t been outside really for almost a week and so we snuck in a mid-week trip to our local park.

Project 366 Week 1

Day 7 – One of the great things that being so active on social media has done has given me some great friends. While many people say that friends online cannot be real friends, I heartily disagree, particularly after receiving this lovely surprise in the post from Moaning Mama. I’ve only known her for little over a year but she really has become one of my best friends.

Week 1 Project 366

Day 8 – Natalie from Just Because I Love has also become a good friend. She is one of the loveliest people I know and another person who I have never met face to face. She sent me this  lovely little package.

Project 366 - Week 1

Day 9 – A lazy day of pottering around at home. I hadn’t heard Cheeky Chap for a while so snuck into his bedroom and saw him watching You Tube clips on the iPad like this. Kids are strange!

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18 thoughts on “Project 366 ~ Week 1

  1. I’ve also had to clear myself some work space as my husband also works at home, or o take myself to a cafe to! Needs must! I love the very gymnastic iPad watching pose! Happy New Year!

  2. Hooray! Welcome back! Hope you manage to stick around this year.
    Love the pick of CC upside down. I’m guessing he’s feeling better now?
    Great idea to create a desk from your dressing table.
    People who don’t believe online friends are real are people who don’t actually do social media. Online friends are TOTALLY real!
    sarahmo3w recently posted…Project 366 Week 1My Profile

  3. Are his legs up the wall? The Boy loves doing that as well. Happy New Year to you, thanks for joining in again and between the pair of us we’ll get to the end!

    Thanks for linking up.

  4. does not look very comfortable but then he must have thought so.
    What lovely friends they seem to be, what nice presents.
    He seems to be clinging on to that roundabout rather hard. But nice to get them out and about to blow the cobwebs away.

  5. Love the ipad pose, they really do find the strangest ways to sit! I too am hoping to complete it this year, third time lucky!
    My husband has worked from home for the past two years and I say that is the reason my number of blog pots has decreased each year, as he gets in the way!

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