Project 365 Week 1

Project 365 is a simple sounding photography project. You simply share one photo every single day for a year. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. I have tried to join in a couple of times over the years under my old blog. I have failed each time.

However, I am nothing if not a trier so I shall attempt this again. Last year was a pretty life changing year for us as a family and this year, I am determined to enjoy the fruits of our hard work. I want to capture those little moments. It also helps that I have a decent camera (and yes I know the best camera is the one in your pocket!) which I think may give me a little more confidence. The camera on my phone is quite good (I have a Nokia Lumia) but it frustrates me that it doesn’t have a zoom function, so when we head out I often take my dSLR as well.

Anyway, here is how our first week (okay, three days) of 2015 went.

project 365

1 January 2015 – This box contained some beautiful Space NK Apothecary toiletries I got for Christmas. When we were sorting out our bedroom in the post-Christmas clear up I was about to throw this out with the rubbish. However, I thought it was too beautiful to throw out (especially as it is glittery!) and decided to keep it to store my jewellery, which doesn’t have a home.

project 365

2 January 2015 – I purchased this notebook a few weeks before Christmas and wasn’t really sure what to use it for. It just caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. It occurred to me today that perhaps I could start a journal! So I did. I have no idea how long I will be committed to that for but I hope it will help me organise my thoughts and sleep easier!

project 365

3 January 2015 – Party day. Cheeky Chap was invited to a birthday party, we only received the invite the previous evening (and late at that!). He spent most of the party on the sidelines, glued to my lap. He is so very wary of situations and people until he feels comfortable but that’s okay. Finally, “All About That Bass” came on, one of his favourite songs. Trying to catch a shot of him without pulling an odd face was impossible. But that’s my kid so it’s ok.

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15 thoughts on “Project 365 Week 1

  1. Oh I adore that notebook! Cutest thing ever! I finally completed project 365 last year, if I can do it I guarantee you can! Go for it!

  2. I can’t tell you how many ‘too good to throw out’ boxes I have littering our home! Love the pic of Harry too 🙂 x

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