Workwear from Engelbert-Strauss

When the husband and I separated, we had a big sort out of his clothes. At least we attempted to. It turns out his wardrobe is need of updating just as much as mine. Aside for several sets of chef clothing, two pair of jeans, one suit (from our wedding, ten years ago), a handful of t-shirts, a couple of shirts, he really doesn’t have much clothing to his name. One thing I did notice was that much of his… Continue Reading “Workwear from Engelbert-Strauss”

Dog Sitting {The Ordinary Moments}

I will confess that I am not much of an animal lover. I mean, I have nothing particularly against animals but I’ve never been keen to have them in my life. The closest I get to loving animals is having a soft spot for my sister’s dog Riddler. For two weeks last summer we were dog/house sitting during which Cheeky Chap and Riddler really bonded. In fact, Cheeky Chap has taken to calling Riddler his own dog and still, a… Continue Reading “Dog Sitting {The Ordinary Moments}”

School Report, The West Wing and Hope Cove #LittleLoves

It has been a busy week, where I feel like I’ve barely had a chance to sit down but one during which I feel like I have achieved absolutely nothing. Read Like most of the country, our school sent out end of year reports this week. Cheeky Chap is the sort of child who could easily get forgotten about. He gets on with his work, meets targets and doesn’t particularly excel in any area. I read his report and shed… Continue Reading “School Report, The West Wing and Hope Cove #LittleLoves”

Wedding Planning with Bidvine

Next May will see the first family wedding since my own just under ten years ago. My little sister is getting married and so far she has booked the venue, the band and the photographer and ordered her absolutely stunning wedding dress. There is still SO MUCH to do. It doesn’t help that she is much like me in that she is both indecisive and a perfectionist. As joint Maid of Honour along with our other sister, I am trying… Continue Reading “Wedding Planning with Bidvine”

Park Life {The Ordinary Moments}

When your life changes as dramatically as mine did recently, your ordinary changes too. For a good six months or so before the husband left, we barely went out together. He had sunk into such a depression that he didn’t want to go out; not with me, not with Cheeky Chap, not with anyone. Most of the time this wasn’t too much of an issue as during winter my pain goes up a few notches. However, there were times I… Continue Reading “Park Life {The Ordinary Moments}”