On Marriage Separation

On Tuesday 7 March, three days before I was to celebrate three years of continuous sobriety, my world as I knew it changed. After a day of crisis talks, the husband and I decided that separation was now our only chance to potentially salvage our marriage. So on our return from swimming, the husband sat Cheeky Chap down and told him that he was going to live somewhere else, maybe for a little while, maybe forever. He explained that mummy… Continue Reading “On Marriage Separation”

Stay Secure This Summer, Home and Away

Last week we had some absolutely glorious weather. I don’t know about you but I like to think it’s given us a sense of what is to come. I have, however, been brought back to earth with the arrival of weather that is suspiciously November like! Assuming that summer returns, us Brits will be busy out and about enjoying the sunshine, taking the kids to the park or the beach and jetting off on the annual family summer holiday. However,… Continue Reading “Stay Secure This Summer, Home and Away”

Half Term Picnic in the Park

I am a member of the #CollectiveBias Social Fabric Community. This #shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for #CollectiveBias. Half term. There are those parents that love it and there are those parents that hate it. Personally, I love half term. I love the slower pace in the mornings. I love spending more time with Cheeky Chap. We try to strike a balance between lazy days at home and fun days out. The trouble is,… Continue Reading “Half Term Picnic in the Park”

Girls with Swords, Christian Aid Week and Big Little Lies #LittleLoves

Well hello… It seems, once again, I’ve gone through a quiet patch on the blog. Real life has been somewhat emotionally overwhelming in the last couple of months. I’m riding through a period of uncertainty which, as a control freak, is rather uncomfortable. I haven’t felt up to posting as I didn’t want to be seen as fake but actually I realised this week that it is during the difficult times that it is more important than ever to look… Continue Reading “Girls with Swords, Christian Aid Week and Big Little Lies #LittleLoves”

Quitting Smoking Using A Vape Starter Kit

I had my first puff of a cigarette at the grand old age of 13. I remember I didn’t even like it and wondered what the fuss was about. Yet I continued, largely (or perhaps wholly) due wanting to fit in. Maybe it was being the new girl at school and I felt that this was my way of trying to make friends as I wasn’t a particularly confident teen. In the mid-ninties it was seen as ‘cool’ to smoke,… Continue Reading “Quitting Smoking Using A Vape Starter Kit”