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When the husband and I separated, we had a big sort out of his clothes. At least we attempted to. It turns out his wardrobe is need of updating just as much as mine. Aside for several sets of chef clothing, two pair of jeans, one suit (from our wedding, ten years ago), a handful of t-shirts, a couple of shirts, he really doesn’t have much clothing to his name.

One thing I did notice was that much of his clothing had paint and bleach stains on. Rather than have specific clothing for all of the odd jobs, decorating and deep cleaning that he did, he would just wear his regular t-shirts and old chef trousers. I guess we thought of it as a cost saving thing but it turns out that a good portion of his clothing is no longer really wearable. At least not in public.

The husband has recently returned to the world of hospitality, working as chef again. He had to buy himself some new chef trousers because his old ones were so worn and damaged from him using them to decorate in! Although as he had been out of the industry for several years he would probably have needed to buy some new ones anyway. He is also thinking about going out on a spree to TKMaxx to replace some of his causal clothing.

On the subject of replacing some of his wardrobe, it got me thinking that we should consider buying him specific workwear clothing. Engelbert-Strauss has a really nice collection of denim workwear. It looks pretty stylish as well being practical and hard wearing.

I was also sorting out a cupboard recently and found tools EVERYWHERE. Sure, they were all in this one big cupboard but I feel like I need a tool box or something for them, especially since the husband thinks he needs to add to his collection. Engelbert Strauss’s modular system looks just the thing since it can be expanded as the tools collection grows.

Do you have specific clothes for those dirty jobs around home?

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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