The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point

It’s hard to believe but we are now half-way through the summer break. I almost feel as though we have wasted the last three weeks as we haven’t really done much at all. One of the (few) benefits to having a communal garden is that we have ready made playmates for Cheeky Chap. As long as it is a dry day, we are able to send him out into the garden and, more often than not, at least one other child will soon join him. If the weather allows, there will be water fights and if not, lots of games and bouncing on the trampoline.

We have of course had a few trips to the local parks, some baking with Auntie Alice and a few plays at being a superhero, all things that school holidays are made of.

Blaise climb

Blaise walk


Earlier this week I got some hearing aids. I have had a hearing loss since I was a baby, either from birth or as a result of a couple of febrile convulsions and I had hearing aids until my early teens. I stopped wearing them as I was being bullied and, like many young teenagers, I felt it more important to try and fit in. Fast forward 20 years and after growing up somewhat I swallowed my pride and requested a referral for a hearing test. I had that test six weeks ago and as expected, was told I have moderate to severe hearing loss. In fact, the audiologist was surprised that I’ve managed for so long given the severity of my loss. Whereas my hearing is normal, or even slightly better than normal at particularly high and low sounds, for the majority of the sounds that make up speech, my hearing is shocking, particularly around consonant sounds. Apparently my hearing is between four to five times worse than a person with normal hearing.

It is safe to say that the hearing aids are going to take some getting used to. Within the first two hours of wearing them, I had a heartache. There are so many sounds I hadn’t heard before, or at least not heard properly that my brain now has to re-learn to ignore. I can hear the boiler clicking, the clock ticking, leaves rustling, all sorts of sounds suddenly seem really loud.  There was a lovely moment when Cheeky Chap turned to me wide eyed and beaming, saying “Mummy, you can hear me talking to you while you are driving. I like it!”, that comment alone is enough to keep me wearing them!

Blaise wood walk half-way


I often find myself feeling quite bad at the half-way point of the holidays as I realise how little we have done in terms of organised activities or day trips out. This year, I have come to realise that we have a way of enjoying the break that seems to suit our family dynamic quite well. As much as we like the routine that term time brings, we also love the more laid back pace of life that the school holidays bring. At the moment we don’t feel the need to have a whole lot of structure or things planned. I’m sure as he gets older it might become more difficult to convince Cheeky Chap that playing in the garden is fun but until then, I will enjoy things as they are.

We haven’t done anything special with our summer so far. We are saving that for the end the holidays when we will head to Portugal on our first foreign family holiday. The excitement is beginning to build here!

ordinary momemnts

Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 

3 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments 16 #9 ~ The Half Way Point

  1. Lovely photos. So glad the hearing aids are working out for you. I know what you mean about the holidays. The halfway point seems to come round far too fast. We don’t generally do much either – I usually manage a couple of trips to the cinema with them! This year we’ve been to London to see my husband in the Ride London bike ride and been to the Community Shield, plus we have our holiday coming up. My younger son has also had a week-long Scout camp, but most of the time we’re just at home, not doing a lot!

  2. I can’t believe how quickly the summer is going too- I bet you are beside yourselves with excitement over your holiday to Portugal! Cheeky Chap is looking so grown up in these photos. The hearing aids sound like they are going to be great once you get used to them, that is so cute that he said about how you can hear him when you are driving! Bless him! xx

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