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The busyness of the first couple of weeks of the summer holidays has really hit me this week. Last Sunday morning I woke up so exhausted that I couldn’t make it to church. That feeling lingered for most of the week and so we have had a week at home. Cheeky Chap spent several afternoons in the garden with the neighbours.

On Saturday afternoon we spent the afternoon with my sister and her new neighbours who have become friends. We headed to Clifton Downs and set up a barbecue and some games. This weekend is the annual Bristol International Balloon Fiesta. Our intention was to then head to a spot where we could watch the mass hot air balloon ascent together. Sadly, due to winds, the ascent was called off. That did not stop us from having some fun though.

There was another gathering of people near us and we decided to have a game of rounders together.

Rounders on clifton downs

Caught out in rounders on Clifton Downs

Catching the ball in rounders on Clifton Downs

Winding Down

After a few hours at the Downs, we headed back to my sister’s where we sat in the garden for the evening. The adults had a few drinks together and listened to music while the children played on the field.

Tree silhoette and red sky

Making new friends and spending time with my family is a pretty perfect way to spend a Saturday in my book.

The Ordinary Moments

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