Quitting Smoking Using A Vape Starter Kit

I had my first puff of a cigarette at the grand old age of 13. I remember I didn’t even like it and wondered what the fuss was about. Yet I continued, largely (or perhaps wholly) due wanting to fit in. Maybe it was being the new girl at school and I felt that this was my way of trying to make friends as I wasn’t a particularly confident teen. In the mid-ninties it was seen as ‘cool’ to smoke, I am glad things have changed now! However, despite knowing better, I continued to smoke throughout my teens, twenties and early thirties, with brief periods of quitting. I tried cold-turkey, I used patches and even went on a course of Champix but couldn’t keep away from smoking. That all changed once I got a vape starter kit.

I always blamed my lighting up again on alcohol. It felt strange to have a glass of wine and not have a cigarette or roll up in the other hand. The smoking indoors ban only came into effect ten years ago, so in my clubbing days it was perfectly acceptable to smoke and there was no hanging around outside, getting cold. As the years passed, I started to find it less of an inconvenience having to go outside to downright anti-social smoking full stop.

Making an investment

When I got sober three years ago, I knew that it would be easier for me to quit but it felt too soon to give up smoking right immediately. Soon after my second sobriety birthday, I invested in a vape starter kit. When I smoked I spent about £10 a week so, it felt like I was spending a lot of money when I bought a vape starter kit. However, I soon realised that the starter kit alone actually saved me money and that’s before you think about the health benefits over smoking tobacco.

Vaping is a really great way to quit smoking. I wasn’t a particularly heavy smoker most of the time, especially once I got sober, so I purchased e-liquids that had a low level nicotine strength at first, before moving onto e-liquids with no nicotine. There are, of course, e-liquids with a higher nicotine content if you are a heavy smoker wanting to make the switch. There are also many different types of vapes from the slimline style that I opted for through to the much bigger ones which are known as mods. If you’re considering making the switch from smoking to vaping, it’s well worth doing some research and definitely worth the investment!

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5 thoughts on “Quitting Smoking Using A Vape Starter Kit

  1. Awesome post!

    Been vaping for about 4 years now and it has made such a huge difference. Not so much trouble breathing and easier on the wallet if I can help myself from buying new things.

  2. Really useful information. I feel vape starter kits can really help quit smoking. Vaping is much safer than smoking and thanks for sharing this important article. keep up the good work.

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