How To Pick the Best Thanksgiving Outfit For Your Little Ones This Year

The countdown is on, and we’re not talking about Christmas. Let’s not forget about the first holiday of the season…Thanksgiving! While not everyone celebrates the holiday the same way, when we think about Thanksgiving we get images of family, friends, turkey with all the fixings, and of course, some delicious pumpkin pie. Whether you are hosting a family get together or an awesome Friendsgiving you want your kids to look fantastic right? Right.

Sometimes we forget that having a super cute Thanksgiving outfit for our little ones can help us commemorate the holiday. Who doesn’t want to look back on photos from Thanksgiving 20 years ago and see their precious babies in a delightful little outfit? If you haven’t started your search for a dreamy Thanksgiving outfit yet you can start now by browsing these haute baby clothes for sale

Baby Girl Wearing Orange Thanksgiving Dress

When looking for a Thanksgiving outfit that stands out consider steering clear of the usual themes like turkey’s, silly phrases such as ‘Gobble till’ you wobble’, or some sort of football reference. While those outfits are cute and classic, perhaps this year it’s worth switching it up and going for a unique but tasteful style.

Fall colours are always a hit during this particular season. Our favourite fall colours are brown, orange, gold, and auburn reds. Check out these fantastic outfits for your little ones featuring all the best fall colours from La Bella Flora.

Older Girl Wearing Orange Thanksgiving Dress
Have you tried anything with ruffles lately? Ruffles add a feminine yet fun flare to any little girls outfit. Let your little princess feel extra special for your Thanksgiving celebration this year and find something a little more dressy for her to wear.

If your ‘little princess’ is not so little anymore you can still incorporate the fall colours but loose the super ‘girly’ look to allow her to feel more grown up in her Thanksgiving outfit. This is one of our favourite tween looks for the fall season of 2017.

Tween Girl Wearing Red Thanksgiving Dress

Most importantly lets not forget what this Thanksgiving holiday is all about, eating and having fun! So when you are on the hunt for a rockin’ Thanksgiving outfit for your kids this year keep in mind you can be stylish and comfortable. Don’t force your kids to wear something that’s going to fall into one of these categories

  • Itchy
  • Tight
  • Too many layers
  • Stiff

By avoiding the mistakes above, you can save yourself a lot of time by not having to listen to your little ones complain about their clothing. Do you know what that means? Less time listening to complaints equals more time enjoying your family, friends and all that delicious food.

Happy (early) Turkey Day Ya’ll!



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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