Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}

We are very lucky living in Bristol. We have a vibrant city with lots of green space and parks. In recent months we haven’t really been outside all that much. While I don’t think it’s actually been particularly wet so far this winter, it’s also not been particularly bright and it feels like there has always been the looming threat of rain. And I am naturally quite lazy. But Cheeky Chap really is the sort of child that needs to burn off energy.

Last weekend I was tired and sore after  a busy week with several hospital appointments and I just needed to get out. I was going to take Cheeky Chap to the local soft play but then I discovered it is now £10.50 per child. As we only really had time to spend an hour there, I felt that was rather expensive. So instead, I ignored the grey clouds, crossed my fingers and dragged Cheeky Chap to a local park.

This boy absolutely adores being outside but sometimes, like last weekend, it takes some coaxing and effort to get him outside. We only got about 20 minutes outside before we felt a few drops of rain and by the time we reached the car, a full shower had arrived. But even 20 minutes of fresh air and running around makes the world of difference.

The Ordinary Moments

12 thoughts on “Park Life {The Ordinary Moments 17}

  1. Wow, his upper body strength is amazing! Glad he likes to be outdoors, it’s so important for their health to be active. I can’t get my nephew out of the house! 🙁

  2. I love taking my kids to the park. This winter where we live has been warmer than usual so I’ve been able to get my kids outside more than normal for winter. We definitely don’t like being indoors and love being outside when we can.
    Looks like Cheeky Chap had a great time!

  3. Getting outside really makes a world of difference doesn’t it? It always makes us feel better and really does burn off some energy. He looks so big and brave on those monkey bars! x

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