Park Life {The Ordinary Moments}

When your life changes as dramatically as mine did recently, your ordinary changes too.

For a good six months or so before the husband left, we barely went out together. He had sunk into such a depression that he didn’t want to go out; not with me, not with Cheeky Chap, not with anyone. Most of the time this wasn’t too much of an issue as during winter my pain goes up a few notches. However, there were times I resented us spending so much time at home.

In the last few months Cheeky Chap and I have taken trips to the park at least a couple of times a week. I have been reminded of the simple pleasure that is watching your child have fun outside.

Ordinary Moments

Cheeky Chap is at an age now where I don’t need to watch him so closely. I can read a book and just look up occasionally to check he hasn’t wandered off. More often than not I will spot him climbing something or running around. He is a ball of endless energy.

Just recently he has started to pick up the much needed skill of swinging himself. He still needs someone, often a kind stranger will offer if they see me struggling, to push him to begin with but he is definitely getting there. It’s such a milestone isn’t it? Swinging by yourself, the feeling as though you are flying through the air.

At the moment though, his absolute favourite thing is to spin on the roundabout. He loves to pile on with other children, some who are bigger and can run and spin it faster than he or I can.

The separation has taught me many things, perhaps I’ll try and write about all of the lessons I’ve learned one day. One of the things I have been reminded of is how nice it is to get outside regularly. I might not be able to go on lovely long country walks any longer but even sitting in a playground and watching my son have fun gives me a taste of fresh air.

The Ordinary Moments

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