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It’s that time of year again that fills every parent with anxiety. No matter how confident one is about their child’s ability and behaviour, there is always that little voice that whispers to you “What if the teacher tells you he misbehaves? What if you find out that he is further behind his peers?”. At least that is what happened to me in the run up to our first parents evening and it happened again last week.

We know that Cheeky Chap is a lovely little boy. He may be shy around new people (and even people he does know) at first but once he adjusts he is a confident bundle of energy. He doesn’t seem to have any fears and likes to try new things most of the time. He is kind, loving, polite and thoughtful.Β We know that he works hard and enjoys learning. We can see the huge progress he has made with his speech and just this week he finally nailed the /p/ sound although it takes a little concentration still. His reading, writing and maths are coming along really well and he, rightly, gets proud each time he passes a little milestone. We know this but I wondered whether his teacher knows this. After all, teaching is a tough job and it can’t be easy to keep on track of the progress of 30 four and five-year olds and with his speech issues, however slight, we do worry that he won’t be heard.

Making sure he is doing the same as his friends in school. What book do you think is this week's theme?
Making sure he is doing the same as his friends in school. What book do you think is this week’s theme?
A bit of tricky word bingo and some sums. Chicken pox doesn't mean no school work!
A bit of tricky word bingo and some sums. Chicken pox doesn’t mean no school work!

Parents evening arrived and just like the first one, Cheeky Chap was poorly. The first time he had a sick bug and this time it was the beginning of chicken pox. Both illnesses mean being quarantined and therefore only one of us would be able to attend. I am a bit of a control freak, it is in my nature to take over in most aspects of our lives from the banking to the supermarket shop to parenting and I assumed that, as the stay at home parent, I would be the one to attend parents evening. I didn’t take into account the practicalities of me going such as the fact it would have meant me walking in pain and that I was poorly myself. So the husband went.

I won’t lie. It was an anxious 30 minutes waiting for him to return but I need not have worried. When he walked in with a beaming smile I knew it had gone well. Cheeky Chap’s teacher had told the husband how confident and kind he is. He is polite and popular and always happy. She said she has noticed a huge improvement in his speech, he works hard and clearly enjoys learning. All in all, Cheeky Chap is, apparently, an absolute joy to have in her class and right where he should be academically. She told the husband that we clearly work with him at home and to just continue doing whatever it is we are doing.

Of course, I imagine that at such a young age, a lot of parents hear a lot of similar sorts of things but it is still lovely to hear and as a special treat Cheeky Chap was taken to Macdonalds (drive thru of course!).

Have you had a parents evening recently? How did it go?

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  1. That’s lovely to hear. It’s good to know the school sees Harry in just the way you do. If it’s anything like our school, they really do know every child in their class incredibly well.
    Funny you should ask – I had parents’ evening for the younger two on Monday and for the eldest tomorrow! πŸ™‚
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  2. I think it’s natural to worry, but usually they will call you in if there is a real problem. It’s always interesting to hear the views of someone that spends a lot of time with your child and sees them with and against other children of the same age.
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  3. We’ve had 2 parent’s evenings this week and both went very well πŸ™‚ Ella (7) needs to work on her handwriting as her presentation isn’t the best but other than that she’s doing great and Kaycee (9) seems to be turning into a wonderful story teller and I have hopes of her becoming a famous author one day!! πŸ˜€
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  4. I must admit that I never worry about Parents night although my two are a little older and 12 and 9 πŸ˜‰

    I love hearing what the teacher says about them and I always have a pretty good idea of what to expect thankfully. I love seeing the work they’ve been doing in their books too x x
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  5. Well cones Harry! My boy starts school this September so it’ll be interesting to see what his parent’s evenings are like! xx

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