The Ordinary Moments 16 #3 ~ A Lazy Weekend in Hope Cove

I have mentioned before my love for Hope Cove. We are very lucky that a close family member has a holiday apartment in such a beautiful place that we are able to make use of. We probably go a couple of times a year although I would happily head there every weekend if I could!

We often visit during the autumn and winter months, some times early spring and so we are not always blessed with beautiful weather like when we went last September, which happened to be the last of the late summer/early autumn sunshine. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we went to several beaches and spent a lot of time outside, taking in the sea air. Being the middle of January we were not particularly hopeful this time, especially since most of the country was predicted to be dusted in snow. For us, that didn’t matter. After weeks of stress and worry over health issues which remain unresolved, we were simply looking forward to a few days relaxing as a family with a change of scene and no worries about interruptions from the rest of the world. The husband took Friday off work, which was also my birthday and so we drove down on Thursday evening.

On Friday afternoon, after a lazy morning, we walked down to the beach and spent some time there before retiring to the pub for a late lunch and a few hours in front of the log burner. Due to the husband being poorly we ended up staying in the apartment most of Saturday and Sunday, reading in the armchairs by the bay window, looking out to sea, although Cheeky Chap and I made a couple of quick trips to the beach and we had another evening in front the log burner in the pub. Utter relaxation as far as we are concerned.


The Ordinary Moments Water 18.01.16

The Ordinary Moments Beachside

Hope Cove




Cheeky Chap

Do you have a happy place that you visit and make memories?

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10 thoughts on “The Ordinary Moments 16 #3 ~ A Lazy Weekend in Hope Cove

  1. Oh gorgeous photos lovely and it looks like a lovely weekend. I just had to google where Hope Cove was as I hadn’t heard of it before, it looks beautiful. How nice to be able to go there a few times a year. I would love to live or even be remotely near the sea! x

    1. It’s funny, I was brought up in Bournemouth but rarely went to the beach. I think it’s the large touristy town aspect whereas in Hope Cove I love the small village vibe, that it’s near the countryside as well as being on the beach and there are lots of beaches that are accessible. x

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