A Nicotine Free Future

We have all heard of the yo-yo dieter. You know the ones. People who will go on a some particular diet for a few months before giving up for a while and then trying another diet. But have you heard of the yo-yo smoker? I’m not sure that’s an actual term but I am sure it fits me.

After a couple of years of not smoking, I am a smoker once again. It isn’t something I’m proud of. But it is something that I seem to do. I give up for a while, sometimes months, sometimes years, before starting again. I usually seem to start again when alcohol is involved. My husband is a smoker, one who has never given up, so there is always tobacco on hand.

Recently we’ve both come to the realisation that we need to quit. When a couple of people you love dearly are diagnosed with cancer, it can be a bit of a wake up call. It’s brought the harsh realities of smoking home to us and yet the pull of the roll ups is never far away.

I have been reading quit smoking journals for some tips and inspiration and the biggest one by far is to invest in a vape. There are some pretty good looking ones out there and who wouldn’t like to mix up the flavour? Given there are over 5,000 chemicals in cigarettes, of which 70 are known to cause cancer, vaping is almost certainly less harmful than smoking.


That said, by 2020 smokers could be nicotine free. AYRLabs are developing an innovative approach to tackling nicotine addiction. With the help of an app users are able to see their real time nicotine consumption. This provides information about their smoking behaviour alongside coaching support to reduce nicotine levels.

Wouldn’t a nicotine free future be exciting?!



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post. 

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