Netflix, Iron Man and Audiology #LittleLoves

I have wanted to join in with Morgana’s Little Loves for a while now and I never quite get round to it for one reason or another. I am a firm believer that the things that make us happy or make us smile don’t have to be big or extravagant and that is what Little Loves celebrates.


A dear friend of mine has recently started a blog. And I know I may well be biased but I think her recent post “I remember it well” is simply brilliant. She took me right back to my own drinking days. It is so easy for alcoholics and addicts to forget what it was like before we got sober, for us to think that things were not that bad really. And in fact I was going through a period of thinking exactly that when this post popped up on my timeline.


We have recently given notice to terminate our Sky TV package and instead are going to take out Netflix and Now TV. I’ve already signed up to Netflix again after being away from it for a while and in the last week have binged on Pretty Little Liars again and I am now impatiently waiting for the next (and final!) season.

Speaking of Netflix, have you got any recommendations for me?


My sister came over for dinner last night and for a bit of wedding planning. We didn’t actually get much planning done, we mainly spent some time on the website and Pinterest. For dinner I made a fish pie. We haven’t had that in ages and my sister requested seconds so I think it’s safe to say it went down well! Typically I completely forgot to take a photo though!


Over the last week or two Cheeky Chap has become obsessed with wearing his Iron Man fancy dress costume, even wanting to wear it to bed. Where it hasn’t been particularly cold (and he gets warm in bed anyway!) he soon realised he should have listened to mummy, gave up and reverted to PJ bottoms and no top.


Having been firmly loyal to Apple and subscribing to Apple Music for the last however long, I decided to cancel my subscription and give Spotify a try instead. I found the Apple Music playlists quite short and repetitive and have heard good things about Spotify. I think I had it years ago actually but have lost the details for it so I am currently on a one month trial. I am liking it so far and am currently listening to Today’s Top Hits playlist.

And lastly…

This week Cheeky Chap had another appointment with the child audiology team. He had something like five ear infections last winter and so I requested a referral for investigations to see if there was anything else going on. This appointment was a follow up from one six months ago. I have a borderline severe hearing loss, to the point that most people with my level of loss would need to be signed to as well as have hearing aids, so I have always been paranoid about Cheeky Chap’s hearing.

Cheeky Chap's hearing test

Little Loves Coffee Work Sleep Repeat

3 thoughts on “Netflix, Iron Man and Audiology #LittleLoves

  1. Oh lovely to have your sister over just to catch up and hang out too and a few pinterest hours to add to that is wonderful. Yes, we are huge fans of Netflix what do you like to watch? I loved Pretty Little Liars and Gilmore Girls is currently on ours. We got rid of sky too it’s pointless we just watch netflix or amazon prime anyways. We started Dexter and I have been watching Returned and How to Get Away with Murder (although last one isn’t as good as the others). I loved the vampire diaries too!!!!! So many to recommend. Hope you had good weekend. #littleloves

  2. I’m so pleased that you’ve decided to join in with Little Loves, Rachel!
    I’m a huge Spotify fan and use it daily, in fact our whole family uses it even my girls. We’ve contemplated getting rid of Sky too as we hardly use it. I definitely watch more on Netflix. I can give you loads of recommendations, if you like funny and quirky then Crazy ExGirlfriend and Kimmy Schmitt are good. For drama The Good Wife and House of Cards. Grab me on twitter for more ideas 😉

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