Mucking Around {The Ordinary Moments ~ 17}

There are times when you can see something happening, something you think would be nice to have a record of, and you just start taking pictures and hope for the best.

On Friday afternoon I was working in the bedroom and I heard laughter. Lots of giggles and laughter. I wandered into the lounge and saw the husband and Cheeky Chap mucking around together. They were having so much fun and it really made me smile. So, I quickly grabbed my phone and took a few pictures.

I wasn’t going to share these. They aren’t exactly the best photos and are terribly out of focus. But sometimes, that doesn’t really matter. I started this blog largely to keep a record of our lives and this is one of those ordinary moments I want to remember. I have a few ideas and hopefully 2017 will see me blog more regularly and consistently than 2016.

The Ordinary Moments

13 thoughts on “Mucking Around {The Ordinary Moments ~ 17}

  1. A lovely moment to remember, it is so true, many of us started a blog to remember the moments of parenthood, not necessarily the picture perfect (Instagram perfect) moments. A child’s laugh is so infectious isn’t it? #TheOrdinaryMoments

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