Illness and a Trip to Leigh Woods

If you’ve read my blog or followed me on social media for a period of time, you will know that I tend to get just about every bug and virus that does the rounds. Cheeky Chap and the husband usually manage to avoid them, bar the odd cold. On collecting him from school on Thursday, Cheeky Chap was miserable, tired and whiney. I knew it would be a battle to get him to do his homework that evening but Thursday was the only chance we’d had to do it that week. During the walk home I noticed him coughing a lot and wiping his nose frequently; by the time we got home he looked absolutely shattered and I made the decision to not force him to do any reading or homework.

At 6.45 pm Cheeky Chap asked if he could have a bath then go to bed. By 7.30 pm he was snoring in his bed. This is the boy who protests every evening that he is going to stay up all night, although he does usually settle well when he knows we are sticking to our guns! I knew he wasn’t well. That night the husband and I were up every hour or so between us. The heat coming off Cheeky Chap’s body felt like the warmth from a radiator and his cough sounded very much like a seal barking. He obviously wasn’t going to school in the morning.

Friday was spent resting at home, curled up on the sofa or in bed watching TV or playing on the iPad. On a Friday night, Cheeky Chap usually has quite a late night, staying awake until 9.30 pm or even later. He was determined to battle through as normal to see the husband come home from work. Except he fell asleep on the sofa at 7.30 pm.

Despite another disruptive night, Cheeky Chap was a little brighter on Saturday morning but still reluctant to do his homework, which involved a fair amount of writing, not his favourite thing to do. He did, however, ask to do some maths practice instead, which I thought was a good compromise since he seemed fine in himself. I remembered coming across an Elmer colouring in sheet on The Boy and Me last year. Back then Cheeky Chap was a little young for the activity itself as he was only just about to start reception, on Saturday I went and found it and printed him a copy. I was impressed that he could read the colours, I hadn’t realised!


On Saturday afternoon, after almost 48 hours stuck indoors, we decided that Cheeky Chap needed to get outside but at the same time, we didn’t want him to pass his virus around so we decided to head to Leigh Woods, just across the suspension bridge.




Despite being obviously poorly with his frequent coughing fits and snotty nose, we actually managed to have some lovely (and much needed) quality family time together, something that has been lacking in recent months for various reasons. Getting out also reminded me how much Cheeky Chap needs to be able to burn off energy and loves being outdoors. That said, aside from going to church, I was unable to do anything on Sunday due to pain and tiredness but hey, there’s nothing wrong with a lazy Sunday if you’ve spent time together on Saturday.

21 thoughts on “Illness and a Trip to Leigh Woods

  1. Poor CC. I always find that in the first two weeks back at school the boys tend to catch something. I am trying ColdZyme, to keep the germs at bag for us all and hopefully it will work!

  2. Oh bless him I am sorry to hear he was poorly, it’s definitely getting into bug and illness season although we have avoided it so far. You are right though, getting some fresh air definitely is the best medicine. We all go a bit stir crazy if we are cooped up in the house too long. x

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