Half Term Picnic in the Park

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Half term. There are those parents that love it and there are those parents that hate it.

Personally, I love half term. I love the slower pace in the mornings. I love spending more time with Cheeky Chap. We try to strike a balance between lazy days at home and fun days out. The trouble is, half term can work out quite expensive with days out.

In Bristol we are so lucky, we have a lot of large, well maintained parks. We tend to stick to the same couple of parks but at the start of half term, we decided to meet up with some new friends at a park near to them. We lived near St Andrews Park while we were homeless so it is a park love and when I suggested to Cheeky Chap that we go there, he couldn’t have been more excited.

On Saturday morning I decided to pop to Aldi. I don’t know about you but I get a bit bored of sandwiches for lunch and I really fancied ‘something else’, although I hadn’t decided what exactly I wanted. I found myself grabbing some potatoes to make a potato salad, a bag of salad and stuffed peppers as well as supplies to make some sandwiches.

Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve ever been around the supermarket so quickly. Cheeky Chap rarely comes with me to the supermarket and usually hates it when I take him but I think he was pleasantly surprised this time. Particularly as I allowed him to get some Aldi own pepperamis and chocolate slices . He tends to have school dinners so there’s rarely any reason to buy picnic type foods. After the whirlwind trip to the supermarket, we made an equally quick trip to put petrol in the car, went to Smyths where Cheeky Chap got his face painted before heading home to prepare some food to take to the park.

See those sandwiches? Clearly got my “mum head” on, small triangles?! I felt like a bit of an idiot eating tiny sandwiches to be honest. The homemade potato salad was delicious though. As were the stuffed peppers and the chocolate slices. Highly recommended.

We barely arrived at the park and hadn’t even unpacked our food when Cheeky Chap asked if he could go in the paddling pool, to which I responded “Yes, but please no splashing, I didn’t bring a change of clothes”. It wasn’t long before I was greeted by an absolutely soaking wet child. Is it just my child that doesn’t hear the caveats?

Thankfully, I suddenly remembered the PE kit that was still in the boot of my car. Sometimes being disorganised pays off. A quick change of clothes and Cheeky Chap was ready to play again.

Really, I’m not sure we need much more during half term than some picnic food, a decent park, dry weather and great company. It’s certainly one of my most favourite ways to spend an afternoon.

What about you? How do you and your family like to spend half term?

11 thoughts on “Half Term Picnic in the Park

  1. We’re doing a lot of park and country park visits at the moment. The best ones near us all involve car parking fees, but they’re worth it to spend all day there.

  2. I struggle with half term. I have 3 and it makes it hard to get my work done as I work from home. I love getting outside in the open air with the little ones when I can. That looks like a lovely park with plenty to keep kiddies happy.

  3. My LO is not school age but I like half term and school holidays because there’s generally more activities on and fun things like splash pads open typically may half term 🙂 we love picnics and park visits and do it often.

  4. I don’t think you can beat a nice picnic in the park during half term. Looks like you had bundles of fun!

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