Girls with Swords, Christian Aid Week and Big Little Lies #LittleLoves

Well hello… It seems, once again, I’ve gone through a quiet patch on the blog. Real life has been somewhat emotionally overwhelming in the last couple of months. I’m riding through a period of uncertainty which, as a control freak, is rather uncomfortable. I haven’t felt up to posting as I didn’t want to be seen as fake but actually I realised this week that it is during the difficult times that it is more important than ever to look for the little things that keep us going.


I’ve been very slowly making my way through “Girls with Swords” by Lisa Bevere. This is a Christian book that I hope will inspire me to be bolder about my faith.

Last night I read a blog post by my friend Suzanne of Inside, Outside and Beyond called “When Did Ordinary Become Meaningless” and it’s in part thanks to her post why I have written this one. I found myself being reminded that my life, trials included, is very ordinary, very normal and there’s absolutely no reason why I shouldn’t share it if I so wish.  I need to let go of the self-imposed expectation that only ‘special’ moments are worthy of sharing.


Have you been watching Big Little Lies? Wasn’t it wonderful? It’s been a while since I’ve seen anything so brilliantly acted, beautiful to watch and with a gorgeous soundtrack to boot. I am already missing it along with Line of Duty on the BBC.

On Netflix I’ve been binging on Designated Survivor. I’m now all caught up though which means I have to wait for a new episode each week. I was rather surprised that in the UK we don’t have a similar system. From my googling it seems that no one actually knows what would happen if the entire government, all of the MPs and the Lords were wiped out.

Christian Aid Week is rapidly approaching running from 14 – 20 May. This year it’s all about having breakfast together and raising money in doing so. I love their promo video which is short and sweet and to the point. I’m going to have a think about ways in which I might be able to get involved. I’d love it if you would have a read or watch the clip and maybe even get involved too.


I’ve been listening to the Big Little Lies soundtrack which is just beautiful.

I do have a funny story. I showed Cheeky Chap a picture of a 1990s desktop PC, to which he said “That doesn’t look very useful!”. I went on to tell him that we didn’t have the internet at home until I was 16, that only one person at a time could use it and you couldn’t use the phone at the same time. I told him how there was no Netflix or You Tube and that children’s programmes were only on TV for a few hours each day. He looked absolutely horrified and declared “Well I am glad I wasn’t a child in the olden days!”.


I did a load of batch cooking a couple of weeks ago so I’ve really not made anything this week! Unless you count my penultimate assignment for the second module of my psychology degree. Just another four years to go…


Cheeky Chap seems to have had a sudden growth spurt over the Easter break. I noticed when we got to Beavers on Monday that his tracksuit bottoms are kissing his ankles. I swear they were the correct length just a few weeks ago.

and lastly

I can’t quite believe we are at the end of April and that in just a few short days I will have a SEVEN year old son!

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