Getting Your Garden Pond Ready for Summer

Now that winter is officially over it’s a time when most of us start to think about getting back out in the garden and tackling all those jobs we have been avoiding during the bad weather. Maintaining the pond should be one of the jobs on your list.

Through the winter, ponds can become clogged with leaves, debris and plants become overgrown, so now is the perfect time to get out there and tackle all of the issues which winter has left behind, making sure your pond provides the perfect environment for wildlife this summer.

Here are some routine tasks which should be undertaken to get your pond fighting fit and a pleasant environment to sit by in the summer evenings.

  • Clear up the pond area

The winter can play havoc with the pond and the area around it, filling it with leaves and leading to rotten debris. These can fall to the bottom of the pond leading to a build-up of waste which can cause problems with the water quality, so this is a really important job.

Firstly, clear all the leaves and debris from inside the pond – remove all the debris that has built up at the bottom and make sure it’s all cleared. Depending on the size and depth of your pond, this might require waders and waterproofs. If it’s a really big job then you could look into using a pond vacuum to make the job a little easier.

  • Trim back the pond plants

While you are in the pond it can also be a great time to trim back the plants which are growing in the pond and tidy them up. They might need replanting or just trimming and tidying up to cut back any winter growth and improve the environment.

  • Clean the equipment

The next stage is to check the equipment is all working and then give it a thorough clean – make sure to clean all the pipework and the pump itself, to make sure it’s free from any mud and algae. Any debris left behind could stop it working properly so give it all a really good clean.

  • Check for any holes or damage

Your pond liner will have been designed to last a long time but heron beaks and other natural events can cause damage, so check your line for any holes or damage which need repairing, as part of the summer maintenance routine.

  • Clear out all the algae

Algae are the enemy of all pond owners as it spreads like crazy and can be detrimental to the rest of your plants and your fish. It may have started growing over the winter so you need to remove it before it starts to flourish in the sunlight of the summer and take over the whole pond.

There are many different types of algae treatments available but be careful if you have frogs or newts in your pond as some treatments can be harmful to them. Some water plants can help reduce the likelihood of algae and if you use floating plants, these will prevent algae from getting the light it needs, so can help to solve the problem as well.

Clear out as much algae as you can and use plants to prevent it coming back – use treatments if you have a really bad case but these shouldn’t be used on a long-term basis as it can prove harmful to pond wildlife.

  • Feed your fish gradually

The fish will have become dormant over the winter and not required any feeding, however, once the temperature begins to increase in the spring months it’s time to start feeding them again. They will start to become active and use up more energy.

You should get some Pond fish food suitable for your fish and then create a gradual feeding routine. Don’t start with too much straight away as you don’t want to overfill the pond and food will also encourage algae to thrive, which you don’t want to happen after you’ve just spent hours clearing it up.

  1. Check the pond edging

Have a look at the edging to make sure there are no loose rocks or cracked paving stones which might need replacing. Clean and tidy any weeds which have sprung up between them and make sure all the stones and rocks are clean and free from moss and mud so the whole pond area has a complete spruce-up.

With all of these simple tips and a few days of hard work, your pond will be running perfectly and looking amazing, all ready for the fish and pond wildlife to enjoy the summer sunshine. Getting the pond summer ready will ensure you have a water feature to be proud off for the rest of the season, creating a wonderful relaxing space in your back garden.



Disclosure: This is a collaborative post.

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